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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #486
  Friday, January 20, 2006

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Internet and Profit Newbies
The Science of Advertising

ATTENTION: Digest Readers
We Want Your Success Stories!

In each issue of future digests, we're going to feature 1 good success story.  While we welcome all success stories, your story about success in the internet business or marketing areas will have the greatest impact on your business. 

Each success story will have a portion of the Digest dedicated to it and a link to the archived story will be available on each issue of the digest for 1 year. 

Below is an example of how the archived story links will be displayed.  

Recent Success Stories
Fred Arlington - 11/10/05
John Wedlake - 10/28/05
Patricia Heart - 10/27/05
Nina Carusoe - 10/22/05


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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

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Linda Caroll
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What the bleep? Three kinds of people...

Have you seen the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

If you've ever had any fascination with how your mind affects your life, you'll really enjoy the movie.

"What the Bleep?" helped me see what I've experienced with clients in a new light. See, every client comes to me wanting to make the web "work" for them.

I realized that, when it comes to business, there are three "kinds" of people that I've worked with. What's more, I can predict their odds of success depending on which group they are in.

Group 1: The biggest group
The biggest group of people are those that are set in their ways - and their ways aren't working. They are the people that don't want to change anything "they" are doing - but want me to come up with a magic solution that will make what they're doing work. I could give you tons of examples of that group. People in this group are in the same place (or worse) that they were a year ago, and they'll be in the same position a year from now, too.

Success rate in this group is pretty close to nil.

For those people, my words of advice would be this; "The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same things and expect different results."

Group 2: The second largest group
The second largest group are the people will will read, learn and absorb - but will not apply what they have learned. They can't leave the safe harbour of their comfort zone. They continue "doing" the same things that aren't working.

Success rate in this group is very low, but occassionally happens. Usually they succeed if their competition is even less adventurous and less competent than they are.

For those, my words of advice would be this; "You can't get to treasure island without first leaving the shore"

Group 3: The smallest group
The smallest group of people are those that truly realize the power of choice. Those that are committed to finding answers over preserving ego. Those that are willing to change what they are doing and try new things. Adventure and curiosity are in their blood. Those that are willing to make mistakes in order to learn from them and refuse to see a mistake as a failure. Instead, they see a mistake as one more step to finding out what works.

For those, my words of advice would be this; "Never stop asking questions. Never get so comfortable that you stop growing, because you are one of the people that progess depends on. Continue growing and everyone will benefit. You will, yes, but others will, too."

Almost every success story that I have worked with has been people from Group 3. Rarely, a group 2 person will succeed. But, rarely.

People talk of the statistics of success. We have here, too. 95% of websites fail. 2% of affiliates make 98% of the profit. 95% of people fail to succeed in MLM.

And yet.... if we separated people into the above three groups, those numbers would play out very differently. In Group #3, the success rate would be so high that it would blow your mind.

So - here's a question for you.

Do you think the "nature" of people in Group #3 is learned? Or something they're born with?

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The Science of Advertising

It's all about getting visitors to your site, customers through your door, and everyone remembering who you and your business are.  Class is in.  I'm your teacher Mr. Page. 

Clay Page

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Strategy: The Quoting Promotion

You Cannot Steal Other People's Work-Product as Your Own....

... but why would you when it pays?

Being a part of a forum means there is an opportunity to contribute your thoughts on the subject under discussion.

What you have to say is your work-product and it is protected under many laws, so give thought to whatever you write, because it is a part of who you are.

WHENEVER you copy someone's work that you find on the Internet or type it from an off line resource, be SURE TO include credit to the author of such material.

If you don't, you could create a Cause of Action (lawsuit) for copyright infringements, in this case, if you used the work-product of another author and posted the work-product on AdlandPro and don't give credit to the author, then AdlandPro, and the offending member, could be sued.


Even if you post it in an AdlandPro forum, it will be indexed and shown on the Internet and when the owner of the work-product you copied finds out, it is easy to file a suit to have the material removed forthwith and the owner could seek relief and damages from the courts. But the ugly part is the negative publicity AdlandPro as a group, us members, would receive. It is not worth stealing someone's work.

If you do, you are no different than a thief in the night robbing someone of their credit. What if you wrote a book and people started calling it their own? They basically stole it from you and you receive nothing for your efforts. This includes duplicating music, DVD's, words and much more. We don't want to be charged in the public eye with copyright abuse.

The treasure of using "quoted" material...

In most cases, you can only QUOTE a portion of the work-product and rarely can you use the entire work-product. You must provide a link to the information that you referenced to be 100% safe, unless it is stated on the website that you must have written approval.

If permission is required to use their material, the best strategy is to contact the author, send them an email with what portion of their work you want to use and of course you're going to have to tell them where you want to use it and how.


Of course they will investigate AdlandPro as part of their determination to grant permission to use, and who knows, they may grant you permission to use and again, who knows, they may put in a positive plug for AdlandPro which is FREE PUBLICITY that we do want for AdlandPro (this is a given!)

The treasure in using quoted material is it cost nothing to do properly and could gain unequaled exposure for AdlandPro and us, the members.

For more information on protecting your investment from selecting a name for your business or a logo, Name-It.com is a great resource.

Name-It Information Resource Center.

If you have any questions concerning copyrights, please post them here and we'll be glad to address them or point you to resources that will assist you.

If you have a resource you would like to contact and would like us to help you formula a plan of action, contact us, we're happy to help.


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A Super Tip....

Using the permission based marketing concept above, and I will even contact the author even if their website gives me permission to reprint, you could develop a lot of free publicity and exposure for AdlandPro and yourself following this strategy.

The majority these authors have some sort of e-zine, blog or a focused community and it is an unspoken rule that if I promote you, you promote me in return (how authors market among themselves).

I haven't found one professional author in years that didn't know and act upon the unspoken request, but If I don't get their request for my URL to include in their promotion, I don't use the their quote.

So when you look to quote an author, make sure you find that author that is an expert in the field being discussed to gain the most advantage from your efforts (promotion).

When you quote an author, you are promoting them to an audience that they may not have access to, until you contacted them, and by contacting them for permission, you're letting them know that you know that they know they should promote you in return to their audience.

So when you quote someone, if you can, tie into into the conversation (forum) in such a way that the author could use it as a review of their work-product.

When they ask you for the URL to include in their promotion/mentioned, provide your AdlandPro Affiliate ID.

Your downline just grew....
All AdlandPro members receives exposures!

Again, if you need a sounding board for an idea, join our Weekly Think-a-Lot workshop or if you just can't wait another minute, contact through my profile page and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Okay long-winded Clay... just one more.

Have you heard about writing articles and then submitting them to 1000s of newsletter publishers in hopes of having them print your article and thus giving you credit and exposing you to their subscribers?

It is a powerful and proven strategy, and I'll show you how to publish your online newsletter and do the same thing, but with even more success. Watch for our upcoming Loud-Mouth Workshop, it's a blast!

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