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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #530
  Weds, January 30, 2007

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I made the title of this digest look that way to demonstrate a point.  Focus allows us to complete task after task without fail.  In business, completing tasks builds momentum which in turn builds income.  Do you have the focus necessary to succeed?  Willie Crawford, one of our guest writers for this issue of the digest shows you the importance and benefits of maintaining focus in your business.  You definitely want to read this article if you're thinking going into, or already in business for yourself. 

John J TAYLOR, author of "Testing & Tracking", a special report with tips on rate conversion and boosting traffic brings you a very good article about "Your Selling Style".  When you start writing copy for your website, you will want to read this article so you can keep this idea in mind...heck, read it now.  It can't hurt to learn all you can about writing. 

Enjoy this week's edition of the Adland Digest.

Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest

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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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Focus - A Big Internet Marketing Success Secret
By Willie Crawford

On a recent "how to" tele-seminar, where I was the guest speaker,
I was asked how I manage to do so many different things. You
see, I have hundreds of websites in different niches. From these
websites I sell dozens of my own products, plus affiliate
products. The answer to that question, that the entire panel of
experts agreed upon, was that FOCUS is the key!

Far too many Internet marketers try to do too many projects
at once. They eventually begin to feel overwhelmed, and then
never finish most of them. The feeling of overwhelm actually
makes you less efficient...TIRED, and less motivated.

It's critical that you develop the ability to operate almost as
if you're wearing "blinders" that don't allow you to see off to
the side. You need to not even think about unrelated things
while working on a project. I do this well partly because I was
trained to “compartmentalize” as a military aviator. At times
I had to block everything out of my mind except the task at
hand… perhaps navigating through very hazardous terrain. There
are times when if you’re not successful at the task at hand,
other things that follow won’t matter as much!

Many of us operate in information overload. Everyday we get
emails, FedEx packages, and phone calls about some product that
we just can't miss. You need to learn to say, "Yes - I can miss
it! Until I finish this current project, I simply don't need
to take on another."

You need to also acknowledge that if you miss some new course,
or tool, that's being really hyped-up, there WILL be another one
along tomorrow. As fast as things change in Internet marketing,
that tool that's being hyped-up today is somewhat likely to be
outdated in a few months anyway.

Focus is a habit anyone can develop through practice. You start
a project, and pay little attention to things unrelated to
that project until it's done. Now, you get the reward of having
finished that project. That reward could be another income
stream on autopilot, or it could be just the joy of crossing it
off of your "to do" list. Each time you get one of these rewards,
it reinforces the habit patterns that made the reward possible.
Eventually, you develop the ability to really focus, and really
get more done, without it being a struggle.

Back to your “to do” list. If having a LONG list just makes you
feel more overwhelmed, work from several lists. Have a master
list, and then each day pick one or two “must do items” and
focus on those. It will make your task ahead seem much less


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Another habit that will aid you in focusing is learning to
delegate and form partnerships. Since a big part of focusing is
getting projects completed, learn to only do those things that
your are most suited for. It's often cheaper to hire someone
else to do things that you don't know how to do well. Having
partners adds an accountability factor. Knowing that someone is
depending upon you to finish your part of a project will make
you stop procrastinating and get it done!

Just as effective as delegating, and often cheaper, is using
software to do routine or repetitive tasks. For your email
marketing, use autoresponders for example. Use software that
automates some parts of building or updating your websites.
An example of a piece of software I use to build webpages for
selling Clickbank products can be seen here:
http://TheRealSecrets.com/unfair/ This software allows me to set
up pages for over 3400 products in the Clickbank Marketplace in
minutes. Tools like this free up vital time for YOU to do things
that software really can’t do... like marketing.

While software can't do everything, and I've never seen a
business on full-autopilot, software can allow you to do a
repetitive job in 1/100th of the time. Then you can use your
remaining work time to really focus on a task you must get done.
Do this, and you'll not only find yourself able to get a LOT
more done, you'll find yourself with more free time on your
hands. Try not to use that free time to take on too many new
tasks. Get proper rest and recreation too. It will make you
more efficient and make it even easier to focus because your
mind will be clearer.

About the Author

Willie Crawford has taught PROVEN Internet marketing
techniques to thousands of successful Internet entrepreneurs
since late-1996. Subscribe to his free weekly ezine, which
helps you cut through the clutter and time-wasting hype.
Subscribe now by visiting: http://WillieCrawford.com


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Learn How To Use Your Own Selling Style

If you have discovered even the smallest amount of
information about psychology you will know that we all have
our own way of interpreting the world. We all have our own
unique thinking style and we all make decisions in our own
unique way.

Several psychologists have tried to establish a
classification system so that they could define us as a
specific type of person. Probably the most popular
classification system was developed by Elizabeth Myers and
Catherine Briggs - it is known as the Myers Briggs Type
Indicator, or the MBTI, and it is based on the work of Carl

The MBTI consists of about 80 questions or statements and
will help you to identify which of the 16 "type"
descriptions most closely matches the responses that you
have given.

And then there are things like horoscopes - simply by
knowing your date of birth you can be classified into one
of twelve star signs.

I would like you to consider the following and then choose
the *one* statement that you feel is most descriptive of
your preferences:

A. When making decisions you like to have as much
information as possible, you will gather the facts and data
and thoroughly analyze them in a logical and rational
manner. Once you are certain of the facts and you know how
everything will work out, you will make the right decision.

B. You like to approach things carefully and methodically.
You will approach a decision by listing all the positive
and negative factors and you will systematically review
everything until you are secure in the knowledge that you
are making a safe and sound decision.

C. You seldom make a decision without finding out what
other people feel about it. You have a network of friends and
colleagues and you love to talk things over with them
before making a decision. You are careful to ensure that your
decisions don't have a negative impact on other people. You
need to feel comfortable about things before you take

D. You like to find new and interesting solutions to
problems. You tend to move quickly and to take more risks
than most other people. You hate getting bogged down in the
detail and you much prefer to look at the big picture. Your
decisions are often instinctive based on a hunch or a gut
feeling. Once a decision is made it's time to move onto
something new.

So which of the four statements did you choose?

I have described four completely different and, to some
extent, extreme styles. When you visit a web site you will
have your own way of evaluating the offer.

Just as you have a preferred hand to write with, you will
tend to have a preferred writing style. When writing sales
copy if you use one of the above extreme styles you are
guaranteed to alienate 75% of your audience!

Take some time to look through your sales copy and see if
your preferences are coming through...

Is your copy written in a logical and rational way with
lots of supporting facts and data?

Is your copy written in a systematic way to lead your
prospect through a step-by-step process?

Is your copy written to engage with people interactively,
do you connect with their feelings and emotions?

Is your copy written to arouse curiosity, does it offer new
and innovative solutions and have you provided the big

Converting a prospect to a customer requires an holistic
approach; your copy should be written to both appeal to the
widest audience and yet to simultaneously speak to each
individual in their own language.

About the Author

John Taylor is the author of "Testing & Tracking" - A
Special Report that contains a wealth of information on
professional techniques that can boost your conversion rate
and increase your profits: http://www.test-and-track.com
John also promotes "The Buy Impulse" which describes 26
techniques that can increase your online sales:


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