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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #544
  Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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Changes Are-a-Comin' On the Adlandpro Community

I haven't had much time to write specifically to you lately and I apologize.  Normally I have something to share with you but lately I haven't had the time simply because there's a lot of new changes coming about on another area of Adlandpro, the Adlandpro Community.  By the way, have you been there lately...or at all? 

If you haven't, you might want to head in for a while to take a look at things.  There's a lot of new and interesting features and events that have been launched.

Speaking of changes, have you heard about the BFA?  The Best Forum Awards?  No?If you have a knack for conversation you might want to get a good forum with a good topic up on the Adlandpro Community.  It could be worth up to $1200.00 in prize money!  Every month a forum is chosen as the Best Forum for that month and the forum owner gets a cool two hundred bucks if their forum is chosen.  Want more details?  Go to the link below:


We've also got an Adlandpro Community Trade Fair in the works that's going to give up to 10 community members a chance to 'Show Their Wares' to the whole community in a fun 'carnival-like' virtual setting!  There'll be cash and merchandise prize giveaways by both Adlandpro and the businesses that exhibit at the fair.  It's going to be a blast!  Check out the discussion here:


Oh, and I almost forgot, the Adlandpro Community stores are a HUGE hit!  You can open a virtual store where you will be able to showcase your products, services, or programs and wire them up to Paypal without knowing a single line of programming code!  Get paid online straight into your bank account just like a professional web business owner.

Customize and Open Your Own Store Here

And that's just the TIP of the iceberg!  Our programmers are hard at work shackled to their desks being fed only coffee and Pizza Pockets.  They're developing some 'hush-hush' classified new features for the coming year that are going to absolutely blow your mind!

I can't wait!

Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest Editor


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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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First Aid For Writer's Block

Copyright 2007 by Marcia Yudkin

Stuck? Not for long when you try these remedies for
creativity on call.

  1. Go somewhere else. One of my clients hops a train
    whenever she has a deadline and writes on board.
  2. Freewrite. Right this second, copy the following
    starter phrase and keep writing nonstop wherever it leads
    you: "What I really want to say in this piece is..."
  3. Change your medium. If you've been stuck writing at the
    computer, sit down with a pad of paper or even a grocery
    bag. If you've been trying with a pen, try crayons.
  4. Take a rest. Sometimes you're just trying too hard.
    Sleep on it and in the morning you'll feel in the mood for a
    fresh start.
  5. Write something else. If you're hung up on something
    for work, write something for pleasure or vice versa.
  6. Talk it out. Call a friend and tell her what you would
    say in writing if you could. When it's flowing, hang up the
    phone and continue on the computer.
  7. Repeat prior successes. Remember how you successfully
    started or completed something earlier in your life, and
    reuse that strategy.
  8. Do it wrongly. Try writing your piece very badly. You
    may find you've created a halfway decent version with hardly
    any effort.
  9. Start typing any old thing. Someone in one of my
    seminars got started every morning by typing the Gettysburg
    Address ("Four score and seven years ago..."). Before the
    end, she'd always segue into what she really wanted to
  10. Visualize. Close your eyes and imagine your book or
    report completed, with a beautiful cover. In your mind's
    eye, open it and begin reading. Write down what it says.

The above is excerpted from "No More Writer's Block! Become
a Prolific Writer," a special report by Marcia Yudkin that
details ten ways to balance discipline with inspiration and
introduces you to five techniques that allow you to get a
lot of writing done in a short amount of time. More
information: http://www.yudkin.com/reports.htm 

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New Product? Give It Nine Lives

Copyright 2007 by Marcia Yudkin

The closeness between the words "new" and "news" provides a
telling clue to how easy it can be to get media coverage for
something that's new. By definition, the media are in the
business of covering what's fresh, what's unprecedented and
what has just happened. Follow a few simple steps and
publicity can make your product launch a significant

First, carefully and honestly define specific markets for
your product. Media that target those markets are those you
should concentrate on. Forget about the mass media unless
even a skeptic would have to agree that your product would
matter to practically everyone.

Second, identify the primary benefit your product will bring
to each target market. String that together with the
identity of the corresponding population in a press release
headline, using the formula "New [generic product
description] brings [benefit] to [target market]." For

New Bridal Shower Game Ends Gift-Opening Tedium, Makes
Shower a Memorable Event for Hostess, Bride and Guests

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Third, reword your headline for each target market. An
editor's paramount question when screening release
headlines, whether in a stack of faxes, in an email in-box
or on the Web, is "Is it relevant to my readers?" Naming the
readers in the headline answers that question without
forcing the editor to think. For example, while the headline
above would go to brides' magazines, the one below fits
publications for wedding planners:

New Bridal Shower Game a Sure-Fire Add-on for Party Planners

Fourth, complete the releases and distribute them to the
relevant media. The narrower a niche, the more you may want
to supplement established industry distribution circuits
with additional research and one-by-one mailing, emailing or

Fifth, get to work turning your Web site for the product
into a magnet for folks searching for something like what
you've just released. Brainstorm generic keywords by which
people would search for your item and include as many of
them as possible on the home page and throughout the site.
Register your site or new product page not only with major
search engines but also with specialized industry
directories and submit your link at industry portals.
Include customer or expert testimonials for greater
credibility, and add links to media coverage when that
starts coming in.

Whenever possible, link the timing of your product release
to a holiday, the season, current events or a trade show to
increase its newsworthiness.

Most specialized magazines feature selected new products
near the front of each issue, often with a product photo.
You needn't send product samples or photos everywhere to get
such coverage, as editors will call for those if intrigued
by the release. The more lively and reader-friendly the
writing in your release, the more likely a busy editor is to
choose your item from the candidates received.

After half a year or so has passed, your product will no
longer count as "new." By upgrading the item in a relevant
way, however, you can consider it a new edition and start
the cycle over again.

Marcia Yudkin is the author of the
classic guide to comprehensive PR, "6 Steps to Free
Publicity," now for sale in an updated edition at Amazon.com
and in bookstores everywhere. She also spills the secrets
on advanced tactics for today's publicity seekers in
"Powerful, Painless Online Publicity," available from


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