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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #580
  Friday, Nov 9, 2007

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Guest Articles



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Special Guest Articles

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Discover Two Crucial Steps To Higher Sales Conversion

Author: Jimmy Adames - Copyright 2007

Leading sales professionals substantiate that it often takes seven or more communications or sales messages before prospective customers buy anything. They also confirm that it's generally simpler to sell to a referral, because word of mouth is perhaps the single most powerful weapon in the sales industry especially when positive testimonials about your products and services are given. Converting prospects into buyers can be challenging so today I am going to help you discover two crucial steps to higher sales conversion.

Try combining the following two powerful ideas, track you progress and experience sales growth almost immediately:

1. The use of an auto responder is a major online marketing tool. It could mean the difference between long term success and one hit wonder. Collecting leads with your auto responder should be the lifeline to your business. Definitely request names and email addresses, and based on what products and services you are providing, mailing addresses and telephone numbers could be incredibly ideal for additional ways to follow up with each person.


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2. Once you start growing your list providing valuable content to your subscribers should be the primary key before considering monetization. Bombarding your subscribers with sales offers and pitches will ensure the loss of subscribers. You have to nurture your list of customers and prospects like you would a newborn baby by giving them information that is a benefit to them. It would mean much more to your business if you provide free qualitative content that will eventually convert your subscribers into loyal and long-term customers. You can then begin to provide a price list of all the products and services that you offer using the following as some examples:

An insert
Direct marketing package
PDF to be made available via auto responder
Order forms
Product Descriptions
and other sales material

Using the contact information your subscribers have provided allows you to follow up in multiple ways. You can mail postcards or sales letters, make phone calls, and other promotional options.

Remember to send announcements of new sales and products/services, monthly updates, and a request for referrals. You could probably survive on referral requests alone if you have a great product or a service that is in great need and not enough available to go around, so keep that in mind.

Based on what the leading sales professionals have confirmed regarding the amount of times it takes on the average for prospects to make a purchase, would it make sense to provide them with information that will be worth their while to make certain they continue returning instead of bashing them with sales offers? Absolutely! Converting prospects into buyers can be challenging but if you nurture them correctly your sales conversions would increase - guaranteed.

Author: Jimmy Adames - Recommended Reading: Read my review "Sales Conversion: Learn How to Build a 74.4% Opt-in Web Page" by visiting my blog Sales Conversion Secrets at http://shmyl.com/epsoson


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Secrets On Becoming An Online Success

By Eric Butler

The First Step

Research is the key to any profitable enterprise. There are all kinds of scam artist out there looking to make a quick buck, the ones that promise you overnight success. I tried a few of these types of businesses myself and found that what you get is not what you have paid for. There are quite a few companies that will promise you that you can make thousands per month. Some of these are legitimate and others are scams, the best way to limit your risk is to get all the info that you can on any of the online business opportunities that you may be considering signing up for.

Step 2

Do Not Get Cheated

There are a huge number of opportunities available to you on the Internet that provide a way for you to make a large amount of money but these are geared towards people that have a good handle on what they offer and have the fortitude and the money to go after them. Alert if it sounds too good to be true you can be certain that it is not, legitimate opportunities do exist and yes it does take money to reach a certain Plato promises of instant millions is not a reality it takes patience and the will to learn what you need to know.

Step 3

When you are ready to Start

The saying knowledge is power could never have been so true especially in your pursuit of achieving a rewarding profession as an online entrepreneur. When you are ready to start an online business write out a list of goals that you want to achieve and "Do Not Venture Forward Until You Have Completed Your First Goal" remember that the only one that puts limitations on your success is you. Do not rush yourself to make loads of money, and find yourself losing money instead. If you can see the possibilities and (know), not think it can work for you, you will have found the determination to succeed.

Doing this can make you a force not just in your business but in your life as well. Working for yourself has it benefits; the one that is the most obvious is that you are the Boss there is no one telling you what to do because you make the rules. You go at your pace, you decide if the project you are working on is beneficial to you. You are in charge of every aspect of your business.

Step 4

The Key to Success

The key to success is gathering the knowledge you need to show you exactly how to pursue your dream. Remember if you love what you do you will be able to motivate others with the same kind of dreams as yourself, and you will be able to establish a great support group for motivational purposes, and long lasting friendships. Above all get all the expert help that you can, remember you have the greatest source of knowledge at your finger tips, (the internet).

About The Author

Eric Butler writes on how to jump start your online business and related issues. You can learn more by visiting my blog, Learning How to Jump Start Your Internet Business http://tutoringisthekey.blogspot.com



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