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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #603
  Saturday, Feb 9, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for February 2008

1st February

Confederal Agreement Day: Senegal.

2nd February

Lincoln's Day: United States of America.

3rd February

Heroes' Day: Mozambique.

San Blas: Paraguay.

4th February

Independence Day: Sri Lanka.

CCM Day: Tanzania.

5th February

Constitution Day: Mexico.

President's Day: Congo.

6th February

Waitangi Day: New Zealand.

7th February

Independence Day: Grenada.

Tet: Vietnam.

8th February

Culture Day: Slovenia.

Revolution Anniversary: Iraq.

Virgen de la Candelaria: Puno, Peru.

Youth Day: Congo.

9th February

Feast of Saint Maron: Lebanon.

10th February

Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck: Malta.

11th February

Armed Forces Day: Liberia.

Makha Bucha Day: Thailand.

National Foundation Day: Japan.

Youth Day: Cameroon.

12th February

Lincoln's Birthday: United States of America.

Union Day: Myanmar.

14th February

St. Valentine's Day.

15th February

Chinese Spring Festival: Mauritius.

Folklore Day: South Korea.

Revolution Day: Iran.

16th February

Presidents' Day: United States of America.

17th February


18th February

Independence Day: Gambia.

General Holiday, Various Provinces: Canada

19th February

National Day: Nepal.

20th February


21st February

Shaheed Day: Bangladesh.

22nd February

Independence Day: Saint Lucia.

Union Day: Egypt.

Washington's Birthday: United States of America.

23rd February

National Day: Brunei.

Republic Day: Guyana.

24th February


25th February

National Day: Kuwait.

People Power Day: Philippines.

26th February


27th February

Independence Day: Dominican Republic.

28th February


29th February

Leap year comes once every four years - 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020.



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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

I will start this newsletter off by letting you know that yes I made an error in this last issue of the Digest and neglected to add in my comments and reran my last comments, not this time, although I do apologize for that misdeed! I did run the beginning of Common Technical questions and answers as promised and I will continue with more of these for this issue and the next in the Adlandpro Tips section. It's not too late if you have some tech questions you would like to share for Issue #604 Wednesday Feb 13/08, just send me an email. I will finish by saying "enjoy your weekend" and we will talk again in the next issue.

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


Special Guest Articles

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Drop Shipping Versus Affiliate Marketing

By Matthew Bredel
Drop shipping and affiliate marketing both offer web entrepreneurs a level of ease and convenience that shipping your own items will never have. But, there are some fundamental differences that make some people prefer drop shipping and others affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Internet marketing and drop shipping are both done to market someone else's items. The actual seller of the items then ships them. The fundamental difference between the two is who actually places the orders and who is responsible if the items never arrive or are out of stock.

A drop shipper is a seller, in that he makes the sale and collects the money in most cases. The drop shipper then places the order to the company, who ships the item and charges the drop shipper for it. The difference between the price the customer paid and the price the drop shipper paid is the profit. Someone in affiliate Internet marketing is doing more marketing than selling. The affiliate doesn't collect money for the item and does not have to pay the company who owns the item. The sale is made strictly between the customer and the company. The affiliate simply earns a commission by steering the customer to the company's website.

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Some people prefer drop shipping because money can be made faster. Because the drop shipper doesn't have to wait for a commission check, the profit is immediate. An affiliate, however, usually has to wait at least a month for a commission check, and often much longer. The drop shipper also gets to set any price he chooses, while the affiliate can't offer any price other than what the company is charging.

Some prefer affiliate marketing because the responsibility for the sale is mainly on the shoulders of the company selling the item. Collecting money, handling refunds and customer service are all handled by someone else. This makes affiliate marketing a much simpler way to sell items. Once the item is sold, the affiliate doesn't have anything else to do, while a drop shipper must send the order and the customer's mailing address to the company.

For those who don't want to have to handle inventory or shipping, either affiliate marketing or drop shipping will be preferable to stocking items and shipping supplies. Whether you choose to take the orders yourself or direct someone to a website to do it themselves will come down to your own preferences.

About the Author:
Matthew Bredel is currently an online marketer living in San Diego, CA. He is 32 years old, married and has two children. He currently owns and manages a money making review site, TheWebReviewer and is branching out into internet teaching with NetWebVideo in Spring 2007. Matt has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego. He worked as an engineer for almost a decade before starting his online marketing business in February 2006.


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Why An Internet Marketing Plan Is Important

By Karen Vertigan Pope
A marketing plan seems like a pain to do, and if a business owner is working alone, they are often too busy to create a marketing plan or to update their existing plan. If this is your company, you could be leaving profits on the table. Without a marketing plan, you can become unfocused in your marketing endeavors. You don't want to run your business by guessing what to do next.

As with any plan, beginning is often the real challenge. The first step is gathering information about your company and your product, and also information about your competition, trends, and statistics. When gathering information about your company, remember, it doesn't matter what you think. Allow the facts to speak for themselves. Ask yourself a few important questions: What do your customers want? What do they expect from your product? Where are your customers located? How do you get in touch with them?

Here is a list of some ideas for marketing your website.

Get involved in online discussions. Podcasts, webcasts, blog, RSS feeds and newsletters are all contemporary versions of the soapbox. If you are an expert in your field, volunteer for online interviews.

Identify bloggers in your category and then send them a sample of your product, or perhaps your e-Book. Bloggers are the current product influencers and can give your product a lot of exposure. To attract the attention of bloggers, comment on one of their posts. Bloggers are curious who is reading their work and they will reciprocate by going to your blog or website to find out what is going on. By establishing a relationship with bloggers, they may mention you in their blogs. The idea is NOT to ask them to advertise. It has to be their idea.

Get involved socially. Online social networks allow you to set up a profile page and interact with others who have interests that are similar to yours. Comment on their page and they will be curious enough to check your page out. If they like what they see, they will respond to you on your page.

Write a press release and distribute it through an online press release service.

Survey your visitors. Establish a survey on your site and ask a very simple question: How likely are you to recommend _________ to others? Then, ask they explain their answer. These answers can assist you in establishing a plan for improvement to your product or your website.


About the Author:

Karen Vertigan Pope writes for Ciniva Systems, an award winning Virginia web design company. Ciniva specializes in web design and SEO. Ms. Vertigan Pope is the Project Support Manager at Ciniva Systems.
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Adlandpro Tips

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Common Technical Questions

I've received emails that state I have had a visitor to my Adlandpro advertisement, but it does not provide me with the visitor's email address or how I can contact them?

Responses to your advertisement are email messages sent to you when visitors to our site clicks on the heading of your ad.

When this happens, our visitor is redirected to your site. At the same time, a message is being sent to you (if you selected this option) to notify you that a user has visited your site.

This option helps you to analyze the effectiveness of your advertising. Those messages act like simple hit counters for your ad when you have no other sophisticated tools to track your responses. 

In some cases when the user who clicked on your ad is one our registered AdlandPro users, your confirmation email will contain a link to contact this person, but outside of this scenario the viewer's contact information is not available unless they provide it to you on your web site.

If you have any questions regarding email notifications or if we can help in anyway please contact us.

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