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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #635
  Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for July 2008

1st July

Canada Day.

Communist Party Foundation: People's Republic of China.

Family Day: Lesotho.

Freedom Day: Suriname.

Heroes' Day: Zambia.

Independence Day: Burundi, Rwanda.

Republic Day: Ghana.

St. Peter's and St. Paul's Day: Colombia.

Union Day: Somalia.

2nd July

Il Palio, Siena:
Continuing in ancient tradition, the contradas compete on horses around the town square of Siena, Italy, every July 2nd and August 16th.

Unity Day: Zambia.

4th July

Independence Day: United States of America.

United States Friendship Day: Philippines.

5th July

Independence Day: Algeria, Cape Verde, Venezuela.

Unity Day: Rwanda.

6th July

Independence Day: Comoros.

Republic Day: Malawi.

7th July

Constitution Day: Cayman Islands.

Independence Day: Solomon Islands.

Serbian Day: Former Yugoslavia.

9th July

Independence Day: Argentina, Bahamas.

11th July

Revolution Day: Mongolia.

12th July

National Day: Sao Tome.

Orangeman's Day: Ireland.

14th July

Bastille Day: France.

National Day: Iraq.

15th July

Sultan's Birthday: Brunei.

17th July

Independence Day: Slovakia.

Revolution Day: Iraq.

Rivera Day: Puerto Rico.

18th July

Constitution Day: Uruguay.

19th July

Independence Day: Laos.

Martyr's Day: Burma.

Sandinista Day: Nicaragua.

20th July

Day of the Sea: Japan.

Independence Day: Colombia.

21st July

Liberation Day: Guam, Poland.

23rd July

Revolution Day: Egypt.

24th July

Simon Bolivar Day: Ecuador, Venezuela.

25th July

Constitution Day: Puerto Rico.

Guanacaste Day: Costa Rica.

Republic Day: Tunisia.

Revolution Day: Cuba.

Santiago Day: Spain.

26th July

Independence Day: Liberia, Maldives, Puerto Rico.

Revolution Day: Cuba.

28th July

Independence Day: Peru.

30th July

Independence Day: Vanuatu.

Somers' Day: Bermuda - two day cricket game between the western and eastern sides of the Islands of Bermuda.

31st July

Emancipation Day: Bermuda.





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Barry Scott -Digest Editor

Fall Campaigns

August already! Is it just me or does the clock seem to move quicker during the summer months? The end of August is back to school, September, October and November have a variety of holidays and events like Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and then the Christmas drive begins. This is the time to start looking into your fall campaigns and keying in on the upcoming events that may be related to your products or services. The planning for your ad campaigns should get started, these days will be upon us quicker than we think!      

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


Special Guest Articles

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Are You Confused About Pagerank? You Are Not Alone

By David A Robinson
People are very confused about Pagerank. At one end of the scale there are those who believe it's worthless, at the other there are those who believe it's of significant value. So who's right?

First off let's look at how you secure Pagerank. When someone links to a page on your site it's considered to be a vote for it, a thumbs up. It's one of the key metrics Google's systems use to decide the importance of a page. ONE of the key metrics. If many other pages link to your page they are giving Google a signal that your page is important. If the pages linking to your page also have links to them and they are considered to be important pages, their link to you is given even more value. This is why some people suggest it's not worth getting a link from a page unless the page you want the link from has itself got a decent pagerank - this is misguided.

With me so far?

The history behind this relates to the Google boys, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, being academics. In academia peer reviewed papers are the common currency of 'status'. If you write a paper and your peers review and applaud it you are off to a good start. If your paper is then referenced by other people's papers it's stature and kudos goes up further, as does yours as the author.

So, suggesting Pagerank is worthless is actually untrue, it may not generate a ton of lucrative traffic, but it does have a value.

So why is it not the be all and end all of a web page? Simple, relevancy.

Google needs to deliver relevant results to people searching. If they don't people will go elsewhere for their search needs. It doesn't simply look for the page with the highest Pagerank to put at number one, it looks for a page that is most relevant. This is why a Pagerank 3 page can be at number 1 with a Pagerank 6 being at number 10.

How Google decides on relevancy is complex and they don't share the formula with the outside world! The stuff we know is used includes various on page 'tags' such as Title, H1 etc, and the relevancy of links.

So, an example - Suppose you have a page on your site and it has 100 links to it. These links are from pages that themselves have links and as such a decent Pagerank. These links give your page a Pagerank of say 4. However, although the pages linking to your page have a good Pagerank they are not exactly relevant to your page. That is to say your page could be about ships but the pages linking to you are about birds, mountains and needlework. These links are giving your page a good Pagerank but they are not relevant to your page.

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So along comes a person searching and they type 'ships' into Google. Your page, with its Pagerank of 4 is at number 8 but the page at number one only has a Pagerank of three! How come?

The page at number one most likely doesn't have as many links as you, or at least as many quality links - links from pages that themselves have links. However, the links the page at number one does have are all from sites about ships. So, other pages about ships are linking to this page which is about ships. That's (probably) why it's beating your Pagerank 4 page even though it's only Pagerank 3, and that's why people think Pagerank has no value. "How can Pagerank have any value if a page with Pagerank 3 beats a page with Pagerank 6?". You now understand why, relevancy.

What this all means is simple. If you have a high Pagerank because you've been busy securing lots of irrelevant links you are not going to see much benefit from it. If however you have a high Pagerank from securing highly relevant links you will see a benefit from it. This is why sometimes the number one page is a high Pagerank and sometimes it isn't.

Getting a good rank in Google for a competitive phrase is hard work. In this context you shouldn't concern yourself with pagerank. If however you can secure high quality relevant links to your page you will see your pagerank AND traffic increase.


About the Author:
Dave Robinson runs a successful web development and SEO company in Scotland. Dave is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the British Computer Society. When he's not sat at his computer he likes to ballroom dance, play the drums and sing in his band and carry out his duties as a retained firefighter.


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Banner Advertising - How to Improve Your Results Dramatically

By Chimezirim Odimba
You'll get poor results if you try to use banner advertising for traffic generation. However, you could still get great results from it if you take certain steps. Let's take a look at those steps...

1. Make you banners stand out. There are so many banners out there. Why would anyone want to click on yours? Is it really special? Does it have an offer they can't resist? Is it very funny? Is it something they'd want to tell their friend about? If you have any or all of these components built into your banners, you'll get massive click-throughs.

2. Make them contextually relevant. If you have an air travel agency banner on a tourism site you'll get better click-throughs than if you placed them on a computer site. If you can, make them contextually relevant to the text on the page. That's why Google's AdWords is so successful.

3. Let them lead to a page with high value content. This may seem like giving you too much work. However, people are money likely to click an ad that leads to more free but useful content than they will to a sales page. And, don't forget to let them know they'll be getting great content if they click through.

When they read through your article and are happy with it, they'll be less resistant if they get to your sales page from a contextual link on that content page.

You can try doing it the easier way and get the same poor results everyone else is getting with banner advertising. On the other hand, you can give it more time and thought and reap massive results.


About the Author:
Chimezirim Odimba teaches Hardworking folks how to earn a decent income online.
Would you like to Learn how to get highly targeted and responsive traffic?
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