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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #691
  Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Worldwide Holidays for May 2009

1st May

Labour Day: Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Bonaire, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Gabon, Gambia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iraq, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tunisia, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia.

May Day: Bangladesh, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ghana, Gibraltar, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom.

Women's Day: Cuba, Tanzania.

Workers' Day: Burma, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Romania.

2nd May

King's Birthday: Lesotho.

Labour Day continues in Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Romania.

3rd May

Constitution Day: Japan, Poland.

Vesak Day: South Korea.

5th May

Children's Day: South Korea.
Cinco de Mayo: Mexico.

Coronation Day: Thailand.

Liberation Day: The Netherlands.

6th May

Corregidor Day: Philippines.

Martyr's Day: Lebanon, Syria.

Samuel K. Doe's Birthday: Liberia.

8th May

Independence Day: Israel.

Parent's Day: South Korea.
VE Day: France.

9th May

Liberation Day: Czech Republic, Slovakia.

10th May

Matsu (Goddess of the Sea): Taiwan.

Independence Day: Micronesia.

Vesak Day: Malaysia, Singapore.

13th May

St. Mary's Day: Colombia.

14th May

Flag Day: Paraguay.

Kamuzu Day: Malawi.

National Unification Day: Liberia.

15th May

Independence Day: Paraguay.

     Teacher's Day: South Korea.
 17th May

Constitution Day: Nigeria, Norway.

Discovery Day: Cayman Islands.

18th May

Battle of Las Piedras Day: Uruguay.

Flag Day: Haiti.

Victoria Day: Canada.

19th May

Ataturk Youth Day: Turkey.

Flag Day: Finland.

20th May

National Day: Cameroon.

Party Day: Zaire.

21st May

Buddha's Day: South Korea.

Navy Day: Chile.

22nd May

Heroes' Day: Sri Lanka.

Sovereign Day: Haiti.

23rd May

Labour Day: Jamaica.

24th May

Bermuda Day: Bermuda.

Culture Day: Bulgaria.

Independence Battle Day: Ecuador.

25th May

Memorial Day: United States of America

Africa Day: Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Independence Day: Eritrea, Jordan.

Liberation of African Continent Day: Gabon.

National Day: Argentina.

Revolution Day: Sudan.

26th May

Constitution Day: Denmark.

Holy Spirit Day: Greece.

Independence Day: Guyana.

27th May

Kataklysmos: Cyprus.

28th May

Waisak Day: Indonesia.

31st May

Regiment Day: Brunei.

Republic Day: South Africa.

**We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Social Bookmarking - New Era in Link Building

By Anwar Alam
Introduction of Web 2.0 opened the door for innovation in how websites are designed and used by visitors. Traditionally a site visitor would visit a site and then leave without having any interaction with the site owner or with other visitors of similar philosophy. Web 2.0 allowed everyone, site owners and visitors, to be able to communicate to each other. Social Bookmarking sites are just one of these many different Web 2.0 sites that are in existence today which can be used for link building.

Idea behind social bookmarking sites is to store private and public bookmarks organized by categories and tags. Anyone can register with these social media sites and bookmark their favorite URLs. These saved bookmarks can be used for personal reference or can be shared with others. Public bookmarks can not only be shared with others but also be viewed form anywhere, as long as one has a computer with internet connection. One good thing about these public bookmarking sites is that, search engine robots can visit those sites and index the data. While indexing these social sites filled with bookmarking links, search engine robots follow the links and index the pages where the link leads the robots to. This gives site owners the opportunity to use the bookmarking sites for link building purpose.
Social bookmarking sites not only offer a world of opportunity for link building but also offer the opportunity to free traffic. All site owners know how important and often valuable traffic is for a website or blog. Specially money making webmaster who are interested in generating revenue from their sites or blogs only have one goal in mind that is to drive as much traffic as possible to their sites. Reason for driving traffic is pretty simple. More people visit a site, more opportunity there for the site owners to generate revenue.

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Aside form link building and traffic generation, social bookmarking sites offer another very important benefit which is promoting brand awareness. These social sites are viewed by millions of people so your presence on these sites, especially to the top ones, can promote brand awareness.
Due to the growing popularity of these bookmarking sites, lot of platforms have been released that are mostly open source that are now being used by even average people to run their very own bookmarking sites. Couple of these most common open source bookmarking platforms are Pligg and Scuttle. Pligg is an open source content management system and Scuttle is an open source social bookmarking platform where users can store and shared their bookmarks organized by categories and tags.
You can search for such sites where you can store your bookmarks and make a list of them if you are interested in link building with social bookmarking. All of these sites require free registration so that the bookmarks you make can be stored under your user account. Once you put together a list of available bookmarking sites and registered with them, you can start submitting you site details. Details most of these sites require include site or page title, URL, description, and keywords (known as tags). More bookmarking sites you submit your details to, more backlinks you get. Digg and StumbleUpon are two popular bookmarking sites that you can start with. SocialMarker.Com has a list of bookmarking sites where you can submit your site for traffic and backlinks. Since there are countless number of bookmarking sites out there, it is ideal that you do your own search and build your own list of bookmarking sites that you can use for link building


About the Author:
Founder of SEOFocused.com offering one stop seo, content, and link building service under the same roof.
For more information on social bookmarking, visit the author's Link Building resource site.


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 How to Sell a Business - Uncover 7 Big Secrets to Excel at Selling Your Business

By Sean R. Mize
It is every business owner dream to sell as many products and services as possible as this would mean more sales and revenue. This can easily be achieved through these 7 big secrets:

1. Earn the trust and respect of your prospects. It is very important that you promote customer trust among your target market as this is the first step to get them to buy from you. Position yourself as someone who is extremely knowledgeable on you chosen niche and create a lasting mark by giving all your buying customers 100% satisfaction.

2. Widen your network. Create as many friends and acquaintances as much as possible and don't forget to tell them what you do or what you sell. Although these people might not need your products or the business that you offer, it could be possible that they know individuals who do.

3. Great customer service. Buyers simply love it when they know that there is somebody they can talk to when they are planning to make a purchase, when they actually buy, and even after the transaction has been completed. Offer these people great customer service and make sure that you attend to all their needs -- they will surely appreciate it.

4. Top-notch products. Make sure that you only offer the highest quality products to your customers. This is one of the best ways of showing them that you really mean business when it comes to giving them products that they can actually use. Have your products tested before you make them available online to make sure that they are working as designed.

5. Adapt to the changing market. You will always need to keep yourself posted on the ever-changing needs and demands of your target market so you can always create new products and services that will meet these. This is crucial so you can keep them from going to your competitors.

6. Advertise. Carefully plan and implement an effective advertising campaign to easily reach out to your potential clients. Use all effective marketing mediums that are available to you. Each time you promote your products, ensure that you highlight their benefits and their competitive advantage to make them even more compelling to the eyes of your potential clients.

7. Impress your buying customers. Give these people great experience in doing business with you. Aside from giving them top-notch products and great customer service, it would also help if you can maintain an ongoing communication with them.

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About the Author:
Sean Mize teaches coaches, consultants, and small business owners how to package their knowledge and sell it in high priced coaching, consulting, and online class packages, and is an expert at using articles like this to drive traffic to his website, and has taught hundreds of clients his secrets. Sean says "If you have an existing marketable service or skill that you can teach others, I can teach you to package it into a high-priced class or coaching program, guaranteed"
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