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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #705
  Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Worldwide Holidays for August 2009

1st August

Confederation Day: Switzerland.

Emancipation Day: Trinidad & Tobago.

People's Liberation Army Day: China.

2nd August

Discovery Day: Trinidad.

Freedom Day: Guyana.

3rd August

Civic Holiday (Most Provinces): Canada

Independence Day: Niger.

Martyrs' Day: Guinea.

4th August

Independence Day: Burkina Faso, Jamaica.

5th August

Workers' Day: Iceland.

6th August

Accession Day: United Arab Emirates.

Farmer's Day: Zambia.

7th August

Battle of Boyaca: Colombia.

Republic Day: Ivory Coast.

8th August

Peace Day: Iraq.

9th August

Independence Day: Georgia.

National Day: Singapore.

10th August

Independence Day: Ecuador.

11th August

Heroes' Day: Zimbabwe.

Independence Day: Chad.

12th August

Queen's Birthday: Thailand.

Armed Forces Day: Zimbabwe.

13th August

Arequipa Week: Peru.

Independence Day: Central African Republic, Congo.

Women's Day: Tunisia.

14th August

Gohst Month begins: Taiwan.

Independence Day: Pakistan.

15th August

Independence Day: India.

National Day: Liechtenstein.

Republic Day: South Korea.

16th August

Il Palio, Siena:
Continuing in ancient tradition, the contradas compete on horses around the town square of Siena, Italy, every July 2nd and August 16th.

Independence Day: Gabon, Indonesia.

Republic Day: Dominican Republic.

17th August

Death of San Martin: Argentina.

18th August

Jashn: Afghanistan - celebrating liberation from the British, in 1919, and lasts for a week.

20th August

Istvan's Day - Celebrations marking the formation of Hungary.

Lovers' Day: Taiwan.

Independence Day: Senegal.

21st August

Independence Day in The Baltics:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

24th August

Independence Day: Russia.

National Day: Ukraine.

National Flag Day: Kazakhstan, Liberia.

25th August

Constitution Day: Paraguay.

Independence Day: Uruguay.

Independence Day: Belarus.

27th August

Independence Day: Moldova.

28th August

Chung Yuan Festival: Taiwan.

29th August

Independence Day: Uzbekistan.

30th August

Children's Day: Afghanistan.

St. Rose of Lima Day: Peru.

Victory Day: Turkey.

31st August

Independence Day: Kyrgyzstan, Trinidad & Tobago.

National Day: Malaysia.

Pashtunistan Day: Afghanistan.

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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

The beginning of August and the last true summer vacation month, but August also  represents the start of heavy activity for advertisers. It is the time when the prepping of ads that are designed around seasonal purchases or holiday ads begins.

September represents the start of the buying times. Consumer purchasing always climbs upward at this time of year, Back to School, some major holidays and people looking for ways to earn or buy into, the possibilities of earning back the money they are spending or will spend in the future.

Getting these ad campaigns together has to begin now, because for most people, summer will be over at the end of August and then their thoughts will turn to these upcoming events and if you do not have your ads ready how will anyone see them?      

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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Managing Customer Expectations

By Edel Alon
There's a formula to help define success in any project. Do Customer Expectations = Final Outcome. This is the easiest way to figure out of any of your events or projects came out with a positive outcome.

Let's face it, we can't please everyone. While this is true, I think it's possible to manage the expectations to lean towards 100% satisfaction. Remember that different people have different styles and personalities. From what I've learned over the years is that the scientific type of people out there require greater details in what's going on while more finance people want the final number in the end. There's a balance that you need to find when managing expectations. That's why it's important for you to find your style in managing expectations.

Expectations are key. In other words, we can give someone everything in the world but if that's not what they are asking for you have failed in your duties. I had a long discussion with a friend of mine who wanted to give a gift to someone else. My thoughts were that as far as I know, that person didn't want that specific gift. But my friend was persistent because it was the right thing to do (give a gift). Think about it. If you're craving an apple and someone gives you an orange, are you satisfied?

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There are many strategies in managing customer expectations.

Here are a few:

Get the customer involved - Get a group of the customers together to figure out what they expect in the end. Have the customers talk with each other and step in when they are all in agreement with each other.

Don't hide risks - Show the customers what the risks are from the beginning of the project/event. This helps them understand that something can go wrong with a certain problem.

Share - Give your customers updates on what's going on with the project/event. You want to keep them in the loop. This is a great technique but more importantly, nothing is hidden and when you share something with someone they appreciate the fact that you confided with them.

Say no - Wasn't this about making the customer happy? Well, over the years I've learned that there are some things out there that go far beyond the technical capabilities of technology. Also, remember that you have deadlines to keep up. I've been in several meetings where people ask for something right in the middle of the project. While the temptation to laugh is there it's probably best to explain that it can't be done within the timeframe.

Put yourself in their shoes -Think about how you'd like to be told about a project status. What are the key elements you'd bring up?

The underlying clue to customer satisfaction is effective communication.


About the Author:
Edel Alon is an Ezine Articles Author. http://edelalon.com                         Shortcut to article: http://edelalon.com/blog/2009/07/managing-customer-expecations/.


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 Top 7 Business Website Mistakes

By Chuck Linart
Is your website making money for your business? At the end of the day, that is all that matters.  I have clients in all kinds of sectors ranging from manufacturing to entertainment, and there are several common mistakes that I see across the board.  Here are the Top 7 Mistakes Companies make with their Websites:


  1. Thinking of it as merely an online brochure -- True, a good website is a marketing tool, but it is so much more.
  2. Not integrating the site into their other marketing efforts -- I hear this a lot, "Our site is not good enough.  We're not comfortable referring people to it." (That's what keeps me in business.)  Well, then make it good enough, and put it on every other communication you send out from you e-mail signature to your business card to television and radio advertisements.
  3. Cheaping out and not hiring a professional to build the site -- Sometimes people want to hire their brother-in-law to make their website.  That's fine if the brother-in-law is truly a professional web developer.  Otherwise, it's just a waste of money.  Nowadays you can get a custom-designed and programmed professional site with lots of bells and whistles for under $2,000.  Why would you waste $500 on a cheap site that, if anything, hurts your business?  Think about your ROI: How many new clients does your site need to help you get in the next year to pay for itself?
  4. Not having a list builder built in to the site -- It amazes me that some companies do not use their contact form to build an opt-in list of people that they can market to in the future.
  5. Missing opportunities to profit directly through the site -- In almost any business, there is something you can offer to your clients and clients-to-be that you can ask for the sale and collect payment on through the web.  This saves you time and money, and makes you money!  Why wouldn't you do it?  At the very least, you should have some advertising on your site.  I even advertise my competitors.  Why not?  Let their advertising dollars go to me and still end up with the deal when all is said and done.  Ruthless, I know.
  6. Not paying attention to SEO which is probably the greatest moneymaker in any webmaster's bag of tricks.  A thousand dollars to get you on top of your niche for your keywords is usually money well spent.  I have one client (a recording studio) who actually asked me to tone down the SEO on his site because he couldn't handle the phone calls.
  7. Not customizing the site's functionality in a strategic way - If you run a medical practice, doesn't it make sense to set appointments through your website?  That can free up your staff to do other things.  If you are a musician, why wouldn't you sell tickets directly through your gig calendar?  You need to think about what your site can do for your business.  That's  another reason it's important to hire a professional -- they can suggest things that you might not think of yourself.


If you can avoid those pitfalls, your website will make money for your business, no matter what that might be.


About the Author:
I have worked in various fields from education to marketing and even show business. Some people consider me a marketing wizard, but I'm really just a normal person who communicates fairly well. After becoming unemployed, I struck out on my own and have been building my business for nearly a year. It has been a learning experience, and I hope to share what I learn through these articles.
Evolution Media works with small businesses, mostly in the NYC area, to implement the advice offered above -- and more! Optimize your business website!
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