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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #782
  Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for November 2010

1st November

All Saints' Day: Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Gabon, Germany, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela.

Bullfighting Season: Peru.

Independence Day: Antigua & Barbuda.

Remembrance Day: Slovenia.

Revolution Day: Algeria.

2nd November

Memorial Day: Brazil, Ecuador.

3rd November

Culture Day: Japan.

Independence Day: Dominica, Panama, Ecuador.

4th November

John Paul's Nameday: Vatican.

5th November

Guy Fawkes' Day: Britain.


10th November

Anniversary of Ataturk's Death: Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, (1881-1938), Turkish soldier, nationalist leader, and statesman, who founded the republic of Turkey and was its first president (1923-1938). The name Atatürk (Father Turk) was bestowed upon him in 1934 by the Grand National Assembly as a tribute for his unique service to the Turkish nation.

11th November

Armistice Day: Belgium, France, French Polynesia.

Independence Day: Angola.

Independence of Cartagena: Colombia.

King's Birthday: Bhutan.

Remembrance Day: Bermuda, Canada.

Republic Day: Maldives.

Veterans Day: United States of America.

12th November

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Birthday: Taiwan.

15th November

King's Birthday: Belgium.

Peace Day: Ivory Coast.

Proclamation of the Republic: Brazil.

17th November

Army Day: Zaire.

Prince Charles' Birthday: UK.

18th November

Independence Day: Morocco.

National Day: Oman.

Vertieres' Day: Haiti.

19th November

Army Coup Day: Mali.

Discovery Day: Puerto Rico.

Garifuna Settlement Day: Belize.

Prince Ranier's Day: Monaco.

20th November

Revolution Anniversary: Mexico.

22nd November

Independence Day: Lebanon.

24th November

New Regime Anniversary: Zaire.

25th November

Thanksgiving Day: United States

Independence Day: Suriname.

28th November

Independence Day: Albania, Mauritania, Panama.

Republic Day: Burundi, Chad.

29th November

National Day: Poland.

30th November

Heroes Day: Philippines.

Independence Day: Barbados.

National Day: Benin.

St. Andrew's Day: Scotland.

We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Special Guest Articles

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Tips on How to Sell Your Products

By Fara Martin
Have you noticed how sales could be stagnant, even though your goods are of the best brand and of the highest quality? At certain times you might even be selling at moderate price but the sales just do not happen. It is not all about the product and services, sometimes it is about the users of the product and their uncertainty about the product.

You can take this trend to help you jump over this fence of problem. You can let out some of the goods or services to prove the potency of your product. But only do this if you are in the position to do so.

One can arrange a special price or a reduced brand to just show the people what your product can achieve for them. You sometimes need to convince them this way before the will purchase. By doing this you help erase the negative concerns they have about your services.

Sometimes the full package and the full price might not appeal to potential customers, so once you make it reduced or present it in a portable manner; you draw their attention on your product. But you can really get some good sales from these packages irrespective of the state.

Not only could this fetch you some increased sales, but also your potential customers get a perfect chance to learn more about the services and are equipped with the efficiency of the product. This is not a bad deal and can surely lead to better sales.

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You can also decide to get into a commission on performance or a performance based incentive. These areas are however very based on how good, efficient and durable your goods and services can be. Again it comes with some risk levels which needs to be considered before going into this area. All you will have to do is sit down to consider all the likely outcomes and this will help you have a good commend over this area.

Because a lot of people might like the idea of trying out some services and commodities before the purchase, it will be great to think of offering a freebie. However one should be able take some measures when you decide on a freebie. You must set it in a manner that will give you some monetary gains. Again the risk involved should be shared with the potential customer. This will surely direct your approach and as well reduce the incidence of people taking advantage of the promotion to milk you.

A risk free or product or a services that comes with a reduced risk will always have a place in the thinking of potential customer, but ultimately you get the chance to educate your customers further on the services and product you have, the end of this exercise is very likely to increase your sales and your customers as well.


About the Author:

Fara Martin is an Ezine Articles Expert Author.Replace your previous sink with vessel sink vanity and upgrade you lighting by trying the sconce lighting.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fara_Martin



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 7 Easy Ways to Get Your Emails Opened

By Julian Wolfendale
Email is one of the most widely used mediums in communication today, both in the business and personal worlds. The best thing about it is that unlike letters or flyers, it can be a two way conversation that is easily built upon. Of course, if the recipient fails to open your message, then email is of no use whatsoever. So, what can you do to ensure that your message gets read? Well, luckily there are a number of things that you can easily do, to improve your chances.

• Make sure that your email address is personalised, to suit the content of your message, and that it will be relevant to the recipient - for instance, if your e-address has 'bath taps' in the text, then it's not going to get read, if you're sending it to a shoe supplier!

• Write a subject line with 2 or 3 keywords in it, as this will show up in the recipient's inbox and is what will either grab their attention, or make them hit the delete button without even opening it. It's the same method that journalists use when concocting a headline and it works! This is one of the most important things you can do, to boost the open rates for your emails.

• The message content should also be specific, starting with a hook, such as "I just wanted to let you know" which informs the recipient that you're going to tell them something new, which is always good.

If you think about it, you will probably have been on the receiving end of similar sales strategies, on the TV and radio. Tags such as; 'New! Now! At last! Introducing! Announcing!' These things are used to advertise all sorts and a good hook is often all that is necessary, to establish a brand, or product. Don't be afraid to use similar methods, as if done successfully, your message will be something that stays in their memory. For example, have a look on YouTube at 70's, 80's or 90's adverts and see how many of them you can remember -you'll probably be surprised!

• Once you have completed your address, subject line and the message itself, SEND IT TO YOURSELF!! I know it sounds funny, but look at it in your inbox. Would you bother to open it, had it come from someone else? It's a good way of double checking.

• Then you need to think about what might be the best day and even time to send it. First thing Monday morning is probably not a good day or time, as a lot of business's are still returning to work then, to find a deluge of mail in their inbox. If they see a message sent after the end of the working day, or with a title that is of little or no interest, then they're probably going to think it's spam, or at best, an electronically generated one and trash it. Open rates will even vary for the same message, if it is sent out at different times and on different days, so it really is an important consideration.

• Of course, you need to keep up a reasonable level of contact, but sending too few, or too many repeat or follow up messages, will give you the same result - the recipient will lose interest and put them in the trash. Sending the same message, say more than twice a week, or less than once a month is just not going to work. Use your common sense. Remember, you or your company may well be sending them other, different messages and you don't want them to suffer from overkill, so think carefully before you decide.

• If you have done all of this and your message is still not getting the results that you want, then perhaps your recipient is actually sending you a message - they are either not interested, or you have sent them the wrong message. If that's the case, then have a proper look at who you are sending to, perhaps tailor the language or content of your message to suit them better and start the process again.

Like most things, we learn as we go. It seems simple and it is, but taking the time to think these things through, before you hit 'send', really will make a big difference to your email open rates.


About the Author:

hope that you have found this useful, if you'd like to see more information, on improving your business practices, have a look at the business resource section of my website http://tpcinternetmarketing.com/tpc-resources/business-resources/.There is also a section with free personal development resources, so feel free to browse and download anything of interest.

Before starting my own business, I worked for 14 years in the corporate world and am the proud father of two girls.

I am a Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, working in the field of personal development, coaching others to realise their full potential.

I am also a successful internet marketing mentor and coach. To find out more about what I do, how I can help you and to see the personal development resources that I have available, please visit my business site, TPC Internet Marketing, through the link listed above.


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