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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #797
  Thursday, March 10, 201

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for March 2011

1st March
Heroes' Day: Paraguay.

Independence Movement Day: South Korea.

2nd March
Adowa Day: Ethiopia.

Independence Day: Morocco.

Peasants' Day: Burma.

3rd March
Discovery Day: Guam.

Liberation Day: Bulgaria.

Martyr's Day: Malawi.

National Unity Day: Sudan.

4th March
Lantern Festival: Taiwan.

6th March
Independence Day: Ghana.

8th March
Congolese Women's Day: Congo.

Decoration Day: Liberia.

9th March
Baron Bliss Day: Belize.

Commonwealth Day: Gibraltar.

10th March
Labour Day: South Korea.

11th March
National Day: Lithuania.

12th March
Independence Day: Mauritius.

Renovation Day: Gabon.

13th March
National Day: Grenada.

Daylight Savings Begins: Where observed.

14th March
St. Joseph's Day: Colombia.

15th March
Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution (1848/49): Hungary.

J.J. Robert's Birthday: Liberia.

17th March
Nyepi Day: Indonesia.

St. Patrick's Day: Canada, Ireland, United States of America.

18th March
Aruba Day: Aruba.

Marien Ngouabi Day: Congo.

19th March
Youth Day: Zambia.

20th March
Independence Day: Tunisia.

Start of Spring: Europe.

21st March
Benito Juarez's Birthday: Mexico.

Youth Day: Tunisia.

22nd March
Abolition Day: Puerto Rico.

23rd March
Pakistan Day: Pakistan.

24th March
Africa Day: Zambia.

25th March
Annunciation: Liechtenstein.

Independence Day: Cyprus, Greece.

26th March
Independence Day: Bangladesh.

27th March
Armed Forces Day: Burma.

Evacuation Day: Angola.

29th March
Boganda Day: Central African Republic.

31st March
Freedom Day: Malta.

We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

Never Stop Making Adjustments!

Try not to fall into the trap of believing that simply because you created an ad and you're honestly sure this is the best ad you have ever written, that it will work every where you place it. Far too often I have heard someone say "I have written a lot of ads and I know they work, there is something wrong with the site I placed it on".

An ad can work for a number of reasons, you may have a feel for what the clientele is searching for on those sites you are advertising on, the ad may have appeal to this particular membership or it could very well be well written and have it’s own appeal. Does this make it a great ad? Maybe, on the sites you have it displayed, but this does not mean the ad will work everywhere.

When you advertise on the internet, you do not set up the same ads and expect them all to work, you have to adjust based on what appeals to each site. Think of each classifieds, forums, membership or networking sites as their own market. Just because your ad was spectacular on one classified website does not mean it will work on all or any, it may work on some forum sites and only a couple networking sites but not on all. Honestly I have yet to see one ad have universal success.

My point is, for success you have to advertise in many different venues and you have to work hard to find each one that you feel will create the best chance for your success, but don’t stop there, make sure each ad is developed (usually over time) to succeed on each site and this may mean that the great ad you have on site A works, however it doesn’t work on Site B. Does this mean Site B Does not like what you are offering? The answer is yes, so don't throw away the market potential, change the ads until it becomes something they want..

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below. 

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Get Your Business Seen - Internet And Your Local Business

By Mike Erwin
The Number One Priority

As a local business owner your number one priority is to get your business seen. It can be through TV, radio, internet, newspaper or yellow pages advertising but you need to look at the pros and cons of each as your advertising dollars shrink.

Most of these forms of advertising worked in years gone by but now with the advent of technology these forms are falling by the wayside. I'll briefly go over these various advertising sources to help you get your business seen in the most cost effective way.

Get Your Business Seen- The Golden Age of Advertising is Over

Television advertising is not what it once was in terms of getting your business seen. With the shortened attention span of viewers nowadays, as soon as a commercial comes on they simply click to the next channel. Let's not forget about Tivo and the ability to rent movies from Blockbuster or Netflix right to your TV. For local business the cost can be too high for too little return.

Radio advertising is another example of how technology has advanced. People now listen to their favorite CD's and almost every car has CD players and if their not listening to CD's their radio is equipped with the scan button that people hit when it's commercial time. Also people are moving to satellite radio to get away from all the commercials.

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Newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur as the internet has taken over the way people keep up with news and current events. Newspaper companies all over the country are closing at an alarming rate.

Yellow Pages used to be the way every business advertised but now are going the way of the payphone. Besides the high prices for the ads with high speed internet in most homes nowadays people simply just go online and Google whatever their looking for. If their looking for a plumber in Cape Coral that's what they type in and they quickly have listings for what their looking for.

As you can see now the most effective way to get your business seen now is the internet. It's cost efficient and can bring you targeted customers. If you don't have a business website you can bet that your competitors do. If you are wanting a website but don't know where to start their are many marketing companies that can perform the task for you.


About the Author:

To find out more about Getting Your Business Seen make sure and visit http://getyourbusinessseen.com to get a free report.

Skype: mike.erwin13

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Erwin


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Do You Start Your Marketing Communications With "We Do"?

By Wolf Hoelscher

At a recent conference, I invited participants to drop off at my table a piece of marketing collateral (brochure, rack card, postcard, etc.) for a free assessment. If there was one common thread with almost of everything I received, it was that the business owners wrote their copy using a "We Do" approach. Peter Bowerman may have first coined the "We Do" term, but the mistake of highlighting features first instead of benefits in ad copy isn't new. Printing promotional literature isn't cheap. That's why you should make sure each piece you produce has its intended effect-namely to capture your readers' attention and encourage them to take action.

If you're about to write your own marketing copy, it's fine to start brainstorming with a list of features you'd like to highlight. But then, imagine yourself as a participant in a conversation: are you going to talk about yourself, or are you going to show an interest in the other person? If it's (hopefully) the latter, take that list of features and make a new list. A list of benefits. Write down how each feature solves a problem or addresses a need for your customers. Put yourself in their shoes. Suppose you own a lawn-mowing service. Do you talk about your state-of-the-art lawnmower first, or do you focus on how your customer will appreciate the speed with which you complete the job? Do you highlight the expertise of your lawn professionals, or do you ask your customers to imagine a perfectly manicured front lawn?

Use that list of benefits to determine your approach for each piece of marketing communications. Select the top one or two benefits that affect the customer you want to target specifically for that brochure or rack card. Then, using short sentences and concise language, let them know that you have a concrete understanding of their needs. It's fine to later point out the features of your products or services, but always start with benefits. No one knows your business better than you do. But it's okay keep it that way. Instead, let your customers know that their interests and needs are foremost on your mind.

About the Author:

Wolf Hoelscher, the founder and owner of Pubmission, has 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, most of it as a senior editor or acquisitions editor at both print- and web-based companies. He's also a writer well-acquainted with the challenges posed by the submission process. As he has been on both ends of the slush pile, he is well-aware of how inefficient, unfair, and frustrating manuscript submissions are for writers, agents, and editors.

Check out http://www.pubmission.com to see the future of the slush pile and manuscript submissions.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Wolf_Hoelscher

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