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What's New at Adlandpro

We have added a wall where all community participants now can exchange their ideas. When you have a question or something important to say, all you need to do now is login into community and enter your message. You can embed images, YouTube videos and links.  Entire community has the chance to see it. The newer the message the higher it stays on the list.

Check it out here.


This week at Adlandpro community

Curating content is an effective strategy

It not only is a superb way to create links and link bait, but it also gives me a chance to share my thoughts on a specific topic that I am interested in..

Adlandpro|QR Code

Now why would I want to do a thing like that? simple and just a little marketing tip for everyone....QR codes are very cool and you can put these codes on cups, T shirts, cars and even create one for a profile image. What a great way to take a marketing strategy that you can use offline and online...not bad huh?

Rapportive| Where Email meets Social Media

More than a year ago I discovered a "tool" that I have to say has given me more insights about people than any other contact add-ons that are out there and has helped me when assessing the trustworthiness of a source. Called Rapportive, this is an extension for Gmail that lets you automatically visualize an email sender's complete profile..right inside your inbox.


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