Literally DO NOTHING And Get Paid

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Once we reach 500 technical Prelaunch members, your job is basically done.
The income will roll in everyday once we enter our DAILY PHASE SYSTEM. This
is a unique system that no one else has nor understands like we do. It is a
hybrid combination of a cycler, straight line and a forced matrix.

You literally have to DO NOTHING to get paid, all new incoming sales will
flow up to YOU .....LAZY CASH INCOME!

This is where it REALLY MATTERS...Imagine getting paid day after day, week
after week, year after year by DOING NOTHING! This is the Powerful Feature
of our Payplan. Once a member is “linked” to you, you make 100% of what
they make. If you are one of the first 500 you get 20, count’em, 20 placed
referrals under you...if they only make $50 a month you will still be
making just a mere $1,000 per month.

The first 500 members are going to be Filthy Stinking RICH over the next
few years.

Wait until you see how this will blow your mind!

The Perfect Plan
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