Give This Away, Earn Commissions =)

Date11/6/2012 6:47:30 PM
Okay, this is a weird one, but I figured you may appreciate another nice, potential income stream. =)
One-time-offers are famous for helping people make more money online. But a lot of people can't afford expensive software to set this up!
Luckily, you now know about this valuable, free resource for creating your own one-time-offers
However you can also increase your profits by giving it away to other internet marketers!
Free OTO Script website also includes a built in affiliate program, so when people upgrade you get paid a percentage of any sales you refer.
Now people will love you and be thankful that you showed them how to set up their own one-time-offers for free, while at the same time you earn extra profits!
You get an entire suite full of copy and paste tools you can use to start promoting today, so it doesn't really take any work on your part at all.
Yes, this is kind sort of a weird way to profit from one-time-offers, but quite honestly it's such as easy way to secure an additional revenue stream, I thought I should let you know!
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