Remove Inflammation and relieve pain with Nopalea!

Date12/1/2012 5:34:04 AM
PriceUSD 39.99

In 2004, TIME Magazine ran an astonishing story about inflammation and its destructive effect on the body’s health.*

In the years following TIME’s story, medical science went on to find even more links between chronic inflammation and highly debilitating conditions, including allergies, chronic aches and pains, IBS and others.

These links were dumbfounding: so many different conditions can all stem from just one problem – chronic inflammation.

And the type of chronic inflammation that is being studied is not just that “sore, swollen muscle and joint” kind that so many naturally think of. It also includes the deeper, internal types of inflamed tissues affecting vital body systems, such as:

Chronic cardiovascular inflammation in the heart and arteries
Chronic pulmonary inflammation in lungs and airways
Chronic digestive inflammation in the stomach, esophagus and intestines
Chronic inflammation in the other major organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) and glands
Chronic widespread body cel
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