New Division Launching -- MLM Powerline Paying 50% (monthly)

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Date12/28/2012 11:26:24 AM
paying a FULL 50% commissions on ALL PRODUCT PURCHASES ...Monthly or one-time product purchases! This 6 year old Company is BBB Accredited (A rating) and ispre-launching a new division. Simply the BEST Pay Plan I have seen yet! ==> Get paid from your OWN signups. ==> Get paid from OTHER PEOPLES' signups. I cannot think of even ONE MLM company (with a real, tangible product)that pays a full 50% commissions every single month (seriously).This is not just a one-time fast start commission with tinycommissions after that. This is a FULL 50% every SINGLE month! PLUSalso50% on anyone's extra product purchases. I've looked at the products, and they ALL look EXCEPTIONAL! This is definitely something you need to look at. You can be a fully paid member with ONLY 1 product purchase! Loving this! It sure won't take you long to see how powerful this is!
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