Got Freedom?Introducing the Freedom Club Challenge.

Date3/20/2013 12:00:09 AM
PriceUSD 49.99

Take the Vitel Freedom Club Challenge

by Robert Alexander
Regional Vice President Brandon Ivey challenges you to take the Vitel Freedom Club Challenge.

Vitel offers products and services that everyone already uses and can afford. Services such as Wireless, Cable/Satellite TV, Home Security, Pre-paid debit cards, Wireless Internet, and Electricity.

Vitel also offers the Vitel Benefits Package which includes:
Tax advice
Identity Theft Protection
Road Side Assistance
24/7 Nurse Hotline
Health and Fitness
Movie Tickets
Hotel reservations
Online Shopping

And Finally Vitel offers the "Freedom Club Challenge." Eliminate all your house hold bills and you have the choice to choose which bills you eliminate first such as:
Free Cellphone
Free Internet
Free Cable
Free Electricity
Free Business
750 Cash lifestyle bonus

Robert Alexander - (678) 427-7154

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