Do You Consider Yourself To Be Trustworthy?

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Date12/13/2014 7:30:56 PM
Let’s say that you and I were both hungry. If I FREELY gave you recipes, cooking equipment, and the food ingredients to prepare a meal, then asked you to help me by preparing the meal while I focus on gathering more of what we will need to do this again tomorrow. Could you be trusted to do this?
Most people would say “YES! Of Course” – but some would not follow the recipe because they are too eager. Others would prepare the meal and look for a way to eat all of the food and still others would gather the equipment and try to run away with it, etc. Very few people will be trustworthy enough to work together so that everything works well. Why is that? I have no idea except to wonder is some people are just not trustworthy.
I am willing to give you some valuable information absolutely free and instructions on how to use this information to place yourself into a real business so that we together can do this a lot of times over and over again. But, are you trustworthy or not?
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