The Essential Introduction for New Gold Prospectors

Think that gold prospecting is for dreamers? Then you probably didn't know that:
1) The U.S. Geological Survey says that $505.6 Billion dollars of undiscovered gold is waiting to be collected in the lower 48 states.
2) One of the largest gold deposits in the western hemisphere with proven gold reserves worth $67.5+ Billion was discovered as recently as the 1960’s.
3) A GOLD mine in Nevada produced $3.55+ Billion dollars of gold and 10.8 Million ounces of silver between 1984 to 1993.
4) A 6.07 lb. Gold nugget was found in Butte County, California in July, 2014 and sold to an anonymous collector for $400,000.00!
Still think all of the Gold has already been found?
Or that the last time anyone was successful prospecting for gold was in the 1800's?
The difference between successful Gold prospectors and all the rest is EDUCATION!
This eBook, written by an award winning scientist formerly employed by the U.S. Government, is the ESSENTIAL INTRODUCTION you need to succeed as a GOLD Prospector!
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