How To Sell Your House In Just 7 Days

Date11/12/2015 9:18:23 PM
PriceUSD 97.00
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Having been through the buying and selling process for two of our own previous homes (and the third one on the market currently) we like to think we have a pretty good idea of what makes and breaks a house. But most importantly, the first impression of the home is one that sticks. Hard.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to sell both of our previous homes in under 10 days on the market. This time around we know we will need to be a bit more patient as the housing market is a little tricky here. Fingers crossed we sell (relatively) quickly this time around! Selling quickly was no easy feat, trust me! But with a little sweat equity all your hard work will definitely pay off quickly! Plus using these tips and tricks to getting the buyer to fall in love with your home!!
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