Why pay for Health Insurance benefits you do not need today?

Date12/3/2015 11:04:46 PM
Health Insurance Open Enrollment is here again! Why pay for benefits you do not need today, may never need, cannot afford, or for other people’s older age and pre-existing conditions?

If you are looking for the greatest, affordable individual, family, or group Health Insurance policy, think:
♦ Guaranteed 15 month Fixed Premium Rate Locks for healthy people, with a 10% benefits increase, compounded yearly for 5 years.
♦ Guaranteed 3 year Fixed Premium Rate Locks on standard policies.
♦ No deductibles, No co-insurance, No co-pays.
♦ 6 free (max of $100.00) doctor's office visits per member, with roll overs to the next year, if unused.
♦ Typically 20-50% less than Exchange premiums.
♦ PPO's only. The two largest in the U.S., PHCS and Cigna.
♦ Group Plans: each policy is an individual policy, which is owned by the employee.
♦ Our Premier Med Short-Term Medical-Surgical Expense Plan. If you suffer a serious medical event (accident, sickness, or catastrophic), we pay 100%.
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