Tapping Through The Chakras Using EFT

Learn how to use the unique Emotional Freedom Technique for clearing and re-vitalizing the seven chakras.

The EFT Chakra healing program is for those who wish to heal, open and balance the Chakras for ensuring physical and mental health. We are not only physical bodies but energy condensed as well. Each human body has seven energy points or chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the skull. Each vibrates at different frequencies and corresponds to particular body part and related to specific emotional issues.

Can you imagine what would happen when the power of thought and wisdom is in complete resonance with the energy information of the body? You can change yourself with ease! Yes, it is possible.

If you can attain this you can experience comfort when it comes to dealing with your worries and beliefs. Furthermore, it will help to deal with the stumbling blocks to your success, health and relationship.

If the inherent energy in the body gets disrupted, it causes various physical and mental tumults. Application of EFT helps to clear these energy blocks and restore balance for overcoming physiological and psychological issues.

EFT is an energy psychology acupressure technique that helps to neutralize non-working beliefs and helps to implement positive goals. This unique procedure involves tapping with your finger tips on specific parts of the body and speaking to the unconscious mind about what one wants to do. EFT helps to do away with the beliefs, habits, patterns and thoughts one have been cherishing since long and balance the conscious and the unconscious mind for achieving desired goal.

The EFT Chakra Healing program uses EFT to help to bring each Chakra into balance. The course is for eight weeks; one week each for the seven Chakras and the eighth for summing up the benefits.

This 8 week Chakra healing classes addresses physical, mental, and energy related issues and helps to resolve those barring you for achieving success and covers all the 7 Chakras with long exposure to the location, emotional issues and the wisdom of each Chakra with EFT clearing and balancing the Chakras.
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