HEY, Affiliate Marketers! Please Check Out Our NEW Website

We are people who have been in traditional careers, Mechanical Engineering and Insurance, for most of our lives. However, in the last 10 years or so, we have been learning and growing our Internet Marketing knowledge and involvement.

During the learning process, involving many, many aspects of Internet Marketing, we have found that the best and easiest route for those who are beginners, or even those who have some Internet Marketing experience, is Affiliate Marketing. This allows people to get started marketing and making income online easily, without much cost up-front, without a lot of technical expertise needed and without having to create one’s own product.

Therefore, we have set out to aid those people who want to begin learning and marketing Affiliate products, for profit. To that end, we have created this portal to provide the following:

• Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing learning opportunities to those getting started or are fairly new

• Powerful Affiliate Marketing systems, which provide a good deal of the infrastructure and backing needed by an Affiliate Marketing business, and which can be very helpful to ALL Affiliate Marketers

• Affiliate Products and Affiliate Programs which we have found to be very useful for Internet Marketing-related subjects, and which are well worth the costs associated with them

Join us, learn and grow in the Affiliate Marketing arena, and maybe we will work together on an Internet Marketing Project sometime.

To your success!
Marv & Jackie Wells
3rd Rock Digital Ventures
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