How To Lose Weight Fast

Date8/8/2016 5:46:12 PM
PriceUSD 37.00
Now that I have your attention, I've pretty much cornered a good section of the fad diet programs and self-help books on the market with this story haven't I? Seriously though, what about my name, Bostonfictionwriter, did you not understand? I'm from Boston and I write fiction. Did you seriously believe that I could help you lose weight fast?

Wait; don't leave just yet because, actually, I think that I can help you. Let's start with a bit of commonsense first. You need to ask yourself two questions. How did I gain this weight? Yes, obviously by overeating food. Then, ask yourself why you want to lose the weight you gained?

Seriously, these are important self-help questions that you must honestly answer. It is important that you write down your answers. You need not share your answers with the rest of us, but by the mere fact of writing the reasons down on paper that you can review from time to time will give it more importance in your mind. You will never succeed losing the weight and keeping the weight off unless you first identify the reasons not only why you gained the weight in the first place but also why you want to lose it now. Think about it. It makes sense.
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