Website creation made easy.

First impressions really do count, especially online...

If your website is poorly designed and isn't giving off the right message to your website visitors - Your potential customers & prospects
will leave faster than the arrived.

When it comes down to it, your website is, just as important as your actual product.

Let me explain...

You see though you may have the best products or services in the industry, unless you can present them in the best light on your
website they won't amount to anything. Leaving your products sitting on the shelf, wasting away as your website loses you sales.

But creating compelling & beautifully designed websites' is hard.

And even if you plan to outsource it all, you'll have to spend hundreds to thousands on designers, web developers and business consultants, not to mention the time that it takes for them to understand what your business is all about.

And that's why we created iGloo.

iGloo enables you to create webpages for your website using a fast & fully flexible drag & drop editor. Think it sounds difficult? Well what if I told you that... If you can point & click - You can create websites with iGloo, Check it out for yourself!
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