Revolutionary Mountain Biking Skills System

Date9/15/2016 3:27:05 PM
PriceUSD 59.00
Mountain biking is great fun but it is hard to get very good at it. The harder you try the riskier it gets.

Take corners, for example: the faster you try to ride them, the finer the line gets between making the turn and crashing.

‘Just hit it’ they say.

But, you’ve got to stay in one piece so you can turn up for work tomorrow.

Yet, you don’t want to settle for being mediocre in a sport you love, when you’ve got that burning desire to get so much better.

The problem is you’ve taught yourself that riding harder, faster or fitter is the answer to greater skill and capability. They’re not. They’re the answer to overstepping your limits of skill. Sure being fitter helps – absolutely!

But, without the right skills you’re just pedalling faster towards disaster!

That’s where The Groover Method steps in with its unique set of simple, yet highly powerful Core Rules for mountain biking. Once learned, you’ll know exactly how to ride any trail with total control,

…even trails you’ve never ridden before.The Method is unbreakable. It fits any trail scenario, any bike and rider.Inside The Groover Method Online Skills Program you’re armed with the specific strategies and dynamic riding techniques you need to connect The Method to the trail, providing you with all you need to progress your mountain biking capability safely no matter your current level of skill or ability.Make no mistake: Control is the key to better mountain biking.

When you have control you’re dominating the situation. You’re deciding the outcome in advance, rather than guessing and reacting to what has already happened under your wheels.

Having the power to act and adapt in advance changes your ballgame completely.
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