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Date12/11/2013 10:48:20 AM
Here's how our program works:

Buy our Ad and Training Pack and get the following:

Text Ad impressions
Banner ad impressions

You also receive an entry into our 2x2 matrix that pays you in your first position $1200.00 (this is with only 7 people total on your matrix..and you only sponsored one...unheard of)

1) The first pay spot you earn $1200.00 rewards, plus you are automatically
re-enetered back into the system with your profits. Zing 1 and Zing 2.

2) The next pay level are 2 re-entries which double your positions so you continue building your reward levels and profits! Zing 1 and Zing 2.

3) Once thru Zing 2 you are automatically re-entered in all levels including Zing 3. You now have 3 pay spots! Each one earning you money. You will earn over $7000.00 your first time thru all of these levels for a one time out of pocket expense. You earn on each level you go waiting.

How often can I earn this, once every 2 months or once a month? Depends on how fast you go thru the levels. Many have earned 1200.00 in just 7 days or less. You will earn the fast depends on if you only tell 1 person or several people.

Are You Getting Excited About The HUGE Potential For Higher Income yet?

Our program offers the following benefits:

Perfect solution for team joins to create instant wealth.

Forced matrix combination... which means people that you have not personally sponsored will fall on your Levels to help you fill. This is truly one gets one gets one and so on..

Build your business in 2x2 matrix with you only telling 1 person and they tell 1 and it goes on and on and on..

Very affordable fee 1 time to be entered into the matrix. You only have to share with 1 person who comes in for you to qualify..EASY..

This is "SizzleZing"!
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