Business Loans & Cash Advance - We Pay You $500 If Declined

Date7/26/2017 2:57:17 PM
Hello!! We are a local business here in Houston TX. We have been doing business for nearly 20 plus years and have been leading the way in how businesses accept payments for cost of goods. Before our program came along; interest rates on business loans and cash advances were outrageously high. The lower your credit score the higher the rate was which made it harder for working business owners to get control of their finances.
When your business completes our application process and your business is declined for our Cash Advance; we will pay you/company $500 dollars just for applying.
To make things even better we report to the credit bureau to help improve your credit, so we can work you into a traditional style business loan.

We offer the most competitive interest rates out there.

To qualify for the $500.00 Dollar promotion:
1) Must be truthful on Questionnaire ( we will find-out)
2) Application must be reviewed and declined from underwriters
3) Questionnaire IS NOT considered the Application

Main Number -832-510-3209 #2
Toll Free -800-701-8242 #2
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