Facebook e-Commerce and Advertising on Facebook

Date11/28/2017 7:33:58 PM
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On Facebook, businesses generate curiosity, interest, and—eventually—sales of their product. Most people on the app aren’t “searching” for a product that will add more value to their lives; they’re searching for that next funny or emotional status update. For you, as an ecommerce store owner, Facebook is your theatre to display your product to the world. It’s an opportunity to showcase the additional value you can bring to someone’s life. It’s a place where you can reconnect with previous customers and a venue where you can start new relationships with people who would have otherwise never even seen your business.

Facebook e-Commerce and advertising on Facebook is a powerful ways to generate revenue and an essential part of any ecommerce entrepreneur's plan to grow a long-lasting online business. With Shopify's Messenger channel, Download your own FREE Facebook Page integration, and Guide to Facebook Advertising for e-Commerce Entrepreneurs here, you’ll be able to reach the right audience. and generate more sales on the world's largest social network..
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