Bridgeport’s Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Date12/8/2017 10:13:36 AM
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Slip and fall accidents are more frequent than you may think. Landlords, property owners and general contractors are responsible for keeping their property safe. A slip and fall is not always the victim’s fault. Ganim Injury Lawyers have over 30 years protecting accident victim's rights.Our Goal is to assist our clients in their time of need and help them get their rightful compensation as soon as possible.
We Will Protect You and Get You Your Rightful Compensation

A Lawyer Who is On Your Side

Ganim Injury Lawyers strive to exceed your expectations by handling your slip and fall case aggressively and with the utmost professionalism. We understand that being in an accident is a traumatic and life altering experience.We can help you through it.

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We are a personal injury law firm that serves to protect the interest of our client and ensure that they are properly compensated.
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