Homemade DIY Type Rocket Stoves 4 Sale!

Date1/20/2018 3:24:31 AM
PriceUSD 20.00
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I have decided I would make some of these type Rocket stoves for those that might not have the ability to make their own ,,,, or would rather just buy one completed ready to cook. I am selling them for $20 each locally in the Franklin, N.C. area, I may even think about listing them on in Ashville, NC area website Thanks! ;)

- Ive now added a pic of the stove with the newer version where I have now added bolts to allow for a gap between the pan and the stove for an air gap and better efficiency during cooking. ;)

"IF" You are willing and want a Rocket Stove shipped by USPS 3 Day Priority Mail, (hopefully I get them out for $20 plus $13 shipped) So for $33 total I will do my best to pack one up and get one to you right away!! ;) **There may be a short wait time on delivery as I may need to make these to order "IF" for some reason I dont have one ready to go!
** These Rocket Stoves are also For sale locally "OF COURSE MEANING THERE WILL BE NO SHIPPING CHARGE"
- Please just contact me here on contact link above or by gmail here -> ... or my google voice # in this ad.
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