Emotional Release Reflexology

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More and more research proves the relation between emotional pressure and its effects on physical health. Besides the adverse effects of unhealthy stress, the roots for burnout and depression often are found in past emotions and trauma. With ERR we have a tool to touch those issued by touching the body through reflex-areas in the feet. In this class you will learn how to work on specific reflex-areas of the feet which are connected to a person’s emotional level. You will also learn how to cope with and release emotions, which disable a person from unfolding his/her potential and bring back higher Quality of Life. During this primarily hands-on class, techniques will also be practiced to balance out the emotional experience during and mainly at the end of each ERR Session. About Your Instructor : Helga Dittmann, a Naturopathic Doctor in Germany, has had a thriving reflexology practice in Central & Southern Germany since 1984, developed Emotional Release Reflexology in 1998 and since then Helga has taught ERR extensively in Europe – Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, as well as in the USA. Helga is an Academy Graduate, Past President of German Reflexology Association& the Reflexology in Europe Network, RiEN and is widely known as a compassionate, attentive, insightful and highly skilled instructor. Event Date : August 11-12, 2018 Saturday & Sunday Event Time : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Both Days Event Location : 13315 W. Washington Blvd, CA 90066 3rd Floor, TOT Room, near Lincoln Blvd, close to Marina del Rey, Free ground floor parking. Student lounge. Restaurants nearby. Ask for Hotel list. Event Fee : $320 One month early, $340 thereafter. Refund 100% if cancellation by day prior to class. Thereafter, refund less $25. Or, fee may be applied to future class or transferred to another person. Class size limited. Prerequisite: Beginning Foot Reflexology from a hands-on school. Receive: Document of attendance with class title, hours, school & teachers name, location Read more :
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