Making this World Richer of Values

**Seeking a little bit of funding to make this happen**

In the U.S. there is a lot of wastage of food, it is approximately 130 million tons annually ($213 billion dollars) which represents about 40% of the food produced in the whole country.
Let me tell you some facts to summerize it for you:
- Many USDA projects didn't keep their word to improve it
- approximately 50 million homeless American citizens.
- just 15% less waste means nearly 25 million homeless citizens would be able to enjoy a full meal every day.
- over 640.000 restaurants (in U.S.)which can help to improve it by automatically getting more success .
WHAT if I tell you, that by donating to this project, we could achieve:
1. Less waste + environmental improvement
2. More delicious food for all
3. Incredible discounts (min 50%)
4. BIG & awesome community
5. Win - Win situation for everyone .
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