90% off on Natural Skin Lightening, Whitening Soap

Date9/10/2018 12:39:33 PM
PriceUSD 3.80
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90% off on Natural Skin Lightening, Whitening Cleansing Soap for Face

-417 Dead Sea Cosmetics Facial Wash with Kojic Acid - Natural Skin Lightening, Whitening Cleansing Soap for Face Cleansing Remedy for Freckles

ANTI AGING KOIJC ACID FACE WASH: Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with our whitening cleansing soap facial wash. This innovative formula leaves your skin feeling soft and protected while preventing the skin from showing signs of aging

CLEANS PURIFIES AND BRIGHTENS THE SKIN: Our soap cleanses and refreshes the skin while removing make up gently. FEEL the clean refreshing action on the skin and SEE astonishing results on the skin

MADE WITH KOJIC ACID: Which helps naturally brighten your skin and fight pigmentation problems. Made with the natural brightening ingredient Kojic Acid that helps hyper pigmented skins by lightening sun age and dark spots. The cleansing soap also helps fight dry skin fine lines and wrinkles by using our unique blend of precious Dead Sea minerals complex

ESSENTIAL DEAD SEA MINERALS: Ensures skin regeneration by assisting the renewal of skin cells and maintaining optimal hydration levels. Crafted with the finest ingredients harvested from the Dead Sea.

THE ART OF IMMEDIATE MIRACLES LUXURIOUS COSMETICS LINE: is a Unique PRECIOUS MINERAL and VITAMIN COMPLEX combination of Essential Dead Sea Minerals from the lowest place on earth the Dead Sea -417 meters below Sea Level and in addition High concentration of natural active ingredients vitamins plants known for their rejuvenating properties
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