Specialized Physical Therapy in Bergen County, NJ | PLYO PT

Date10/5/2018 10:59:10 AM
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Illnesses and injuries can lead to chronic pain, therefore it is crucial to understand the root causes in order to heal them properly. Over the years, the treatment offered by physical therapists has been proven to be instrumental in treating pain and discomfort. However, changes in healthcare have forced many clinics to minimize the contact time between patient and physical therapist, leaving many unhappy and pain unresolved. As such, we believe in working exclusively with your physical therapist for a full hour to thoroughly analyze your needs. If this approach sounds like what you are looking for and live in or around Bergen County, New Jersey, you can visit our clinic, Plyo Physical Therapy, in Allendale, New Jersey. We focus on addressing the root of your problems so that you can get to a permanent solution. Whether you are struggling with low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, or any variety of muscle and joint pain, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our licensed physical therapists to understand our approach and methods that get to the underlying cause of your problems. For more information, please visit or call at (201)934-1281.
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