Data set, values table binding in Einstein analytics

Date10/12/2018 4:27:49 PM
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The user would like to have the flexibility to change chart type without the need to edit the dashboard or would like to implement both in the same dashboard, this makes sense, when you change grouping, and the chart type probably needs to change for better visualization.

A. Binding to Chart
In this sample, I have one chart and 3 toggles:
- Chart
Step Id: step_1
- Field Names for grouping
Step Id: static_1
- Chart Type to change visualization
Step Id: static_2
- Order by ascending or descending
Step Id: sort_1

This is how the dashboard looks

edit the JSON with Ctrl-E.

Binding for Grouping

1. Change "groups" query under "step_1"

change from

"groups": ["field_name"]

change to

"groups": ["{{coalesce(cell(static_1.selection, 0, \"value\"), cell(static_1.result, 0, \"value\")).asString()}}"]

When previewing the dashboard, if the selected field in toggle different with the field use in the initial value for grouping, the chart will error:

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