Der Fundamentalismus

Definitions are answers for Questions, which have not
been asked !
السبيل إلي المعرفه والتطور العلمي والإنساني والحضاري
والبحث عن الحقيقه
البحث العلمي والتبادل الفكري والحضاري
Dear Sir or Madam,
Today I would like to inform you that my book entitled „Fundamentalism as an Enemy for the Civilization" is now available for sale. My book deals mainly with the analysis of explanations and descriptions of the causes of the current dangerous developments in the countries of the Middle East. Therefore let me please offer you a small excerpt as follows :
“In this paper I will try to analyse the phenomenon of fundamentalism in Egypt. Not only because I come from Egypt, but also because I know the social , economic, religious and political behaviour of the Egyptians with respect to Egyptian society.
In the course of my work I will try to show to what extent social problems and political repression has led to the radicalization of certain sections of the population in Egypt. At the same time I have asked the following question in my work: why and how are Egyptian fundamentalists able to occupy a significant position of power in Egyptian society and to what extent are the sources of Islam used to achieve their political goals !”
My book consists of 55 pages and will be offered at the best price of EUR. 17,99.
I wish you an interesting spiritual journey and much fun through reading my book.
My best regards
The author
A. Al Machtouly
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