CHANGE YOUR LIFE - for just $20 per week

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Date11/25/2018 5:11:05 PM
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And the first session is FREE... with no obligation.

I'm your online Life Coach who can work with you to change an aspect of you to re-direct your future. What is it that's holding YOU back?

Just like a personal trainer works with you to develop your body so I can work with you, for an hour each week, to change elements of your life - social, business or personal. I work with all genders and ages (18+).

Change habits, career, personality traits, dating success, relationships, dieting... even aspects of your sex life if you wish. Or, anything you feel's limiting your potential. Between us we'll find ways to change, mitigate or work round.

I work online using audio only. This makes life coaching highly affordable and means I can work with people anywhere around the globe. I'm English, based in London and I've worked for global multi-nationals in many roles and travelled extensively.

We pick three areas you want to improve. Analyse them thoroughly, set goals and brainstorm ways and means to achieve them. We can also set research tasks and 'homework'. We then 'meet' online an hour each week to review progress, adjust tactics and celebrate attainments... adding new ideas as we go.

Easy to use documentation is provided - you just supply your aims and dreams and we go from there.

Feel free to ask any questions you have... but get ready to MAKE THAT CHANGE!

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