Save up-to 75% on Energy Bills by 50w LED Flood Light

Date1/15/2019 5:11:15 PM
PriceUSD 45.99
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How many times, have you damaged your car bumpers while parking them inside the parking lot of your homes due to insufficient lights? While parking the cars inside the parking areas, it is very crucial to have proper lights so that collision of the car can be avoided and we can have enhanced the safety of our vehicles. For this purpose, one can use a 50w LED Flood light as it offers the right amount of brightness required inside the parking areas.

Following are the advantages of using a 50w LED Flood light:

The available Bronze color in 50w LED Flood light has the most advanced form of lighting technology that allows the light to work for more number of years, also these Flood lights are UL, DLC, CE and ROHS approved.
On an average, the 50w LED Flood light emits 6250 lumens with color Temperature of 5700K that produces a day white light safe which is safe during the nights.
These 50w LED Flood lights gives you various installing options, either you can mount the fixture by yoke/Flood or knuckle mounting method as per your convenience.
Also, the IP65 ratings make these Flood lights more durable to withstand all kinds of different weathers.
In addition to just the parking areas, you can use these LED Flood lights at numerous other places and can have enjoyed late evenings in a safe way.
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