Save up to 80% on Energy Bills by Using 150W LED Pole Light

Date1/18/2019 3:37:43 PM
PriceCAD 271.00
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Other advantages of these eco-friendly 150W LED Pole Lights are as follows:

•These lights are totally different from the heavy and bulky street lights and are easy to install with the direct mounting option.

•These 150w LED Pole Lights come with IP 65 rating that allows them to withstand all kind of difficult and challenging environments.

•The Premium LED Chips used are made up of efficient quality materials that deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs. The lumen output of this 150W LED Pole Lights is 19600 lumens with the color temperature of 5700K.

•Although the LED light is much cooler to touch, still there can be some heat that needs to be dissipated for the smooth functioning of the lights, the efficient thermal management will keep the LED fixtures cool and safe to use.
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