Use Photocell Featured 150W LED Pole Lights at Parkways

Date1/21/2019 5:11:18 PM
PriceUSD 109.99
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While choosing the street lights, apart from just the watts consumed, you also need to understand the Lumen output of the lights as it also plays a significant role in choosing the best lights. For the street lighting purposes, a LED Pole Light that delivers close to 20,000 is perfect to remove the dark spots with utmost brightness.

Specifications of a 150W LED Pole Light are as follows:

This black colored 150W LED Pole Light is designed to increase the safety and security at the outdoor places including boulevards, parking lots, and parkways among many other places.

The Lumen output of these Pole Lights is close 20,000 lumens with the color temperature of 5700k that can emit the light rays for at least 50,000 hours.

Are eco-friendly way of lighting the environment, do not contain any lead, mercy or other harmful substances.

Comes with IP65 rating along with UL, DLC, CE, and ROHS certification.

Have CRI of more than 80, which are useful for illuminating larger parking lots or other big places.

So start using these 150W LED pole lights that are fully compatible with Photocell and are bug- free as well. By using these LED Pole Lights, you can make a significant savings of almost 80% in your overall electricity bills by replacing them with the existing fluorescent lights.
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