9.8W LED Light Bulbs, Best Options for Home Lightings

Date1/23/2019 3:24:06 PM
PriceUSD 33.52
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Many a times rather than investing in big and more watts consumed lights, it’s better to use the small yet powerful form of lights, that can increase the ambience of the place where they are installed. LED Light Bulbs are one such kind of bulbs that can be used in your homes at the places where you require maximum lights such as kitchens and warehouses. One such kind of bulb is a dimmable 9.8W LED Light Bulbs whose brightness can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Other benefits of these LED Bulbs are as follows:

These small and compact LED bulbs help in saving energy by adjusting the brightness as per the requirements and according to the mood.

These 9.8W LED Light Bulbs can work for almost 15000 hours which is much better than any other bulb and by using these bulbs, you can reduces monthly energy consumption by up to 80%.

Come with a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer's end.

There is no existence of mercury or lead in these bulbs who have E26 Aluminum base that can withstand rust and corrosion.

The Lumen output of these 9.8W LED Light Bulbs is 800 with the color temperature of 5000K that produces daylight white glow.

Let your homes talk about your personality and by using the LED Lighting technology, you are protecting your loved ones from the harmful UV rays, which are there in the normal lights.
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