Buy Best Quality Ballast Compatible 4ft LED Tube For Indoor

Date2/12/2019 10:01:38 PM
PriceUSD 8.99
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You need to consider the Ballast Compatibility of the tubes as well which you are considering buying for the lighting purposes, and this factor can’t be overlooked at all. There are many LED Tubes in the market that are Ballast Compatible and will give you more hassle-free lighting in regards to low maintenance and replacement cost. One such type of tube is Ballast Compatible 4ft LED Tubes that can be used for general Lighting purposes.

Specification of Ballast Compatible 4ft LED Tubes are as follows:

This Ballast Compatible 4ft LED Tubes start instantly with no flickering or buzzing sound at the time of staring.

The color temperature of these LED Tubes that uses just 20W of energy is 6500K and produces Lumen output of 3000 Lumens. With this color temperature, these lights are perfect that produces soft white or warm white glow making the workplace more productive.

Also, the in-built heat sink will keep the LED Tubes Cooler for the entire day; also these tubes come with the easy installation process, just remove the existing fluorescent tube and insert these 4ft LED Tubes.

Get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer in addition to 30 days to return guarantee policy from the same.

So use these Ballast Compatible 4ft LED Tubes and have eco-friendly lighting with no stress of paying huge electricity bills every month which is taking a tale of your health.
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