Why You Should Switch To Wonderful LED Solar Flood Light?

Date2/13/2019 8:34:53 PM
PriceCAD 1,500.78
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Our LED Solar Flood Lights is available in the form of a kit which includes a 120W solar panel, a battery (having 1000 lifecycles), a 60W LED solar flood lamp and a microwave controller. Due to their long life, extremely low power consumption, huge energy savings, and a greater lumen output of 7,200 lumens, our LED Solar Flood Lights sets are being widely used for outdoor applications.

Below are the features of our LED Solar Flood Lights-
•Energy-Efficiency Maximized.
•A long life of 50,000 hours.
•100% energy-savings which mean 100% cost-savings.
•Beam angle & Non-directional Lighting.
•A high-intensity, broad-beamed light.
•Color temperature: 6000K (day white-cool white light glow)
•CRI is greater than 80.
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