What is the fastest way to pass the HSK test in Shanghai?

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In Shanghai, a lot of foreigners want to pass the HSK Test , which is from level 1 to level 6. Some of them are overseas students, they need to pass the HSK exam, or else they can’t get the graduation certificate. Some of them work in Shanghai, they need HSK Certificate to get a promotion.
Mandarin Morning School is a Chinese test center attached to Confucius institute headquarters, and it is also an Authorized Test and Training Center for International Chinese Language Teacher.
There are many HSK test centers in Shanghai. Mandarin Morning which is not just a test center. It is more of a Chinese school where you can improve your Chinese. If you want to pass higher levels like HSK 5 or HSK 6, you may need have a good teacher to tell you how to well-prepared the exam and some skills to pass it.
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