How Commercial LED Pole Lights are the Best Outdoor Lighting

Date2/20/2019 3:36:22 PM
PriceCAD 113.99
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The outdoor places are the most frequently visited places by the majority of people and the way you install the outdoor lights help a lot in making the outer areas more beautiful and visible. For enjoying maximum lighting visibility at outer areas such as streets, highways, pathways, parks among others, you can use Commercial LED Pole Lights to reduce the energy bills by more than 80%.
Benefits of using LED Pole Lights are as follows-

•These LED Pole Lights can be placed at the newly constructed building or can be replaced with the existing lights as well in a power saving way.

•These pole lights are UL and DLC certified lights that will give you eligible rebates from the power companies.

•The IP65 rated lights are more durable and strong.

•Also, the LED Pole Lights are a perfect replacement to the normal lights, for instance, a 150w LED Pole Light can be replaced with a 450w MH light to reduce the energy bills by almost 80%.

•Also, the lumen output of these Pole Lights is more than 21,000 lumens and once installed you can use them for more than 6 years.

•Don’t contain mercury or any other contaminants.

Let the outdoor places be brighter and visible by installing these LED Pole Lights that have the big aluminum heat sink to stay cooler after continuous use as well.
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