Discount On 4ft LED TUBES For Indoor Lighting

Date2/26/2019 2:52:04 PM
PriceUSD 3.59
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Everybody cannot manage to change the existing lighting completely if wanted to change the lights only as it would be very time consuming task. To solve the purpose, one can use ballast compatible LED Tubes that can work with the existing circuit and thus saves lot of time and efforts. Among many lights, you can use ballast compatible 4FT LED Tubes for enjoying quicker installation and other advantages a well.

* Dislike fluorescent tubes, the ballast compatible 4ft LED tubes can work without any flickering or buzzing at the time of starting.
* The superior quality thermal management system keeps the LED tube lights cooler even if used for longer period of time.
* Also the color temperature of this LED tube is 5000K which means a neutral white light- daywhite light that can make the surroundings cozier.
* The lumen output of these ballast compatible 4ft LED tubes is 3000 lumens and can be changed with a halogen light of up to 50w with this 20w LED.
* Get 5 years of warranty and 30 days return policy from the LEDMyplace on buying these lights.
* Also these lights are DLC certified and will give you rebate benefits as well that will reduce its overall cost as well.

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