Order Now Dimmable LED Downlights For Indoor Lighting

Date3/5/2019 4:48:11 PM
PriceUSD 6.71
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Managing a big showroom is not that easy task especially when the main focus is to increase the customer’s footfall by offering a nice and beautiful ambience to them. For attracting more customers, you require proper and bright lights that will attract more number of customers towards your outlet and for the same you purpose, you can use can Dimmable LED Downlights whose brightness can be adjusted as per the required level. Among many lights, you can use a 5/6’’ LED Dimmable Downlight inside your showrooms.

Benefits of using dimmable LED downlights are as follows

* The lumen output of these 5/6’’ dimmable LED downlights is more than 1000 lumens and you replace a 60w halogen light with this 15w LED dimmable downlight. By making the change, you can save more energy which otherwise was getting waste by using the halogen lights.
* These 5/6’’ dimmable LEDs are available in two different color temperatures of 3000K and 5000k.
* Use these dimmable LED downlights that work with most of the standard dimmers for at least 50,000 hours. due to its dimmable feature, you can prevent any loss of light energy as well.
* You will experience no noise or flickering while using these dimmable LED lights at your premises.
* Also these lights have no hazardous waste materials and are considered as the environmentally safe product; also these eco-friendly lights can be installed in just three easy steps without much hassle.

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