High Discount On Energy Efficient LED Wall Pack

Date3/7/2019 4:37:59 PM
PriceUSD 26.99
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Feature Of 26W LED Wall Pack

Low Power Consumption: The LED wall pack allows you to reduce your power consumption and thus have lower utility bills every month.

Low Maintenance Costs: You incur fewer maintenance costs in contrast to conventional metal-halides when you need to replace the lighting fixture more than once within a shorter lifespan (> 50,000 hours). While replacing the fixture, you also incur an additional cost of manpower (electrical contractor) and the cost of the new bulb.

Environment-Friendly Lighting through the Wall Pack: Since the fixture is completely free of any harmful chemicals such as mercury, halogen or any other, there is no problem of disposal unlike in conventional metal-halides where there is a huge problem in product disposal at the end of service life.

Longer Life Cycle than Any Conventional Lighting Fixture: Our LED wall pack will not last less than 50,000 hours or 6 years if you keep your wall pack lights “on” for 24 hours. May last up to 100,000 hours if used for 50% of the day.

No Flickering or Humming: This is an instant start product thus relieving you from consistent flickering and humming sound whenever the metal-halide lighting fixture was switched on.

IP Rating: This has an internal driver with an IP65 rating to make this product dust and moisture-resistant.

Uniform and Radiation-Free Lighting: The light beam produced by this is free from any UV or IR radiation, posing no risk to human health.

Excellent Customer Support & Warranty: To address your queries appropriately, our customer team is there to support you 24/7, through phone or web chat. We provide 5 years of warranty upon purchase of this product.

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