Buy Best Quality 6ft LED Cooler Tubes for Your Refrigerator

Date3/25/2019 2:19:32 PM
PriceUSD 25.99
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If you are into grocery or supermarket business, then you might have seen a recent change in refrigerators or freezers lights with more and more owners using these LED Cooler Tubes in refrigerated cases to make a lighting difference along with promoting the business by catering to large number of customers.
It's actually worth to swap these latest LED tubes with the old bulbs in the refrigerator to make the products look more tempting and eye catchy as well. Among different sized LED Cooler Tubes, you can install a 6ft V shaped LED Cooler Tube to make kept food items look more attractive.

Benefits of using 6ft LED Cooler Tubes are as follows:

Generally the temperature inside the coolers is below zero degrees where the fluorescent tubes fail, but if you use these T8 6ft LED Cooler Tubes they can work even at very low temperatures as well.

Comes with a color Temperature of 5000k that offers neutral white-daywhite light color glow, also any heat, if generated can easily be dissipated through a big aluminum heat sink fixed inside these 40W 6ft cooler LED tubes.

Have wider beam angle of greater than 180 degree that will illuminate all food merchandise kept at the larger area as well.

Use them for at least 50,000 hours even if you use them for 24 hours in a day as well.

By replacing this 6ft 40w LED Cooler Tube that produces 4800 lumens with a 100w MH light, you can bring 75% savings in energy.

Get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer' end as well on buying these lights.

Taking care of the environment is also responsibility and by using these LED Cooler Tubes, you are definitely doing your job effectively as these lights are completely free from toxic and hazardous chemicals like Mercury and Lead which otherwise are dangerous for the environment.

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