Install Durable LED Canopy Light 70W Across The Gas Station

Date3/26/2019 7:06:31 PM
PriceUSD 74.99
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As an owner of a gas station, you want to choose those Canopy Lights that are rugged and can deliver the best illumination for a fair and reasonable price. Among the various available lighting options, you can use a LED Canopy Light 70w at the best green and eco-friendly outdoor lighting that are great for energy saving and in addition to gas stations, they can also be used at underground parking lots, warehouse garages, factories among lot more places.

Beneath are the advantages of using LED Canopy Light 70w:

These LED Canopy Light 70w are UL and DLC certificate lights that can work for a minimum of at least 50,000 hours.

These lights are a green and eco-friendly way of making the gas stations look more beautiful and safe, also they don’t produce UV or IR rays in the light beam.

Gives you energy saving option along with delivering soft and uniform lights.

The LED Canopy Light 70w that produces 7800 Lumens can be replaced with 180w MH light to have at least 75% energy savings.

Also, the available color Temperature is 5700k that is ideal for use as outdoor lighting sufficient enough to eliminate the dark spots with 100% efficiency.

These 70W LED Canopy Lights have IP65 rated internal driver that protect the lights from dust & moisture.

Comes with a wider beam angle of 160 degrees that makes it suitable to illuminate wider spaces and huge areas.

In addition to the numerous benefits, you will also get 5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty on buying this LED Canopy Light 70w or any other LED Canopy Light as well from LEDMyplace.

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